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Love In The Wild Recap: Couples Stick Together

July 20, 2011 08:06 PM by Megan Thompson

It’s another adventure in the jungle on tonight’s Love In The Wild.  Some relationships are really heating up, while others are fizzling out.  Keep reading to find out if the “Steele curse” will be broken and which couple is kicked off the island for good.   

The new couples head back from the last couple’s choice ceremony.  The seven remaining couples are:

Derek and Jess

Mike and Samantha

Skip and Theresa

Miles and Heather

Steele and Erica

Jason and Jessica

Ben and Brandee

Derek opens his big mouth and mentions he thought about picking Samantha at the ceremony.  Jess, Derek’s current partner, is completely caught off guard by what Derek is saying. Mike is not happy when he learns of Derek wanting his woman – Samantha!  Derek thinks everyone is taking the game way too seriously. Everyone is off to sleep, except Steele and Erica who opt for a “make-out” session instead.

The next morning Ben brings Brandee breakfast in bed for her birthday.  Jason wakes up his partner, Jessica by bringing her flowers.  Jessica has little to no reaction to Jason’s kind gesture.

The New Adventure:

Darren McMullen, the host, welcomes the contestants to their next challenge.  The couples must grab a map and ladder and follow the instructions.  The couples are off and running.  All the couples grab the ladders quickly, except Steel who cannot find the last ladder. 

The next part of the adventure is using the ladder to climb down into a cave to find the next clue.  Derek and Jess are the first to reach the cave, but Jason and Jessica are right behind them.  Steele and Erica are in last place at this point.  Erica comments, “thank God he is pretty!” 

Out of the cave the couples must take a horse and guide it through the jungle. Jason and Jessica continue to argue with each other, especially when Jason lets go of the horse and it travels across the river without them! The horse is now on its own journey through the jungle!  Once Jessica finds the horse, she crushes Jason by telling him she can’t be with him anymore. 

Derek and Jess run into the bar, the finish line of the race.  Once again Derek and Jess win the race and get to spend another night at the Oasis! Ben and Brandee come in second place with Miles and Heather right behind them in third place. The famous couple, Mike and Samantha, place fourth. The fighting team of Jason and Jessica finish in fifth place. Jessica admits to the host they are working “crappy” together!  In sixth place are Skip and Theresa.  And the curse continues for Steele and his partner Erica who finish last.   

The Aftermath Of The Adventure:

Back at the cabins Mike and Samantha worry they will be broken up at the next ceremony. Jason is crushed and gets emotional in an interview because he feels that no one likes him. Steele and Erica start scheming on how they can survive at the couple’s choice ceremony. 

At the Oasis Jess has a “crush” on Derek but doesn’t know how Derek feels about her.  The couple first slips into the tub with champagne and then Derek gives Jess a massage.  The two are definitely flirting and taking advantage of the Oasis. 

The next morning the singles openly discuss the upcoming couple’s choice ceremony. The drama is that Brandee finds out that Ben is talking with Erica. Brandee admits that she doesn’t want to spend time with anyone else besides Ben.  If Ben chooses Erica, she will be crushed!  Back at the Oasis Derek and Jess go on a romantic fishing trip.  Jess is definitely falling hard for Derek!

Couple’s Choice Ceremony:

As the winner’s of the adventure Derek and Jess are up first.  Jess is able to choose first and she decides to stay with her partner Derek, and Derek agrees.  Brandee and Ben are up next.  Brandee tells Ben that she wants to stay with him and he also wants to stay with her!  That is two couples that are staying together.  Heather and Miles also choose to stay together!  No surprise, Samantha and Mike agree to stay together.  Now Jessica and Jason are up next and we know Jessica wants out.  Jessica invites Steele to be her partner, but he declines her invitation!  Jason invites Theresa to be his partner, but she also declines!  Theresa and Skip decide to stay together and so do Erica and Steele! Jason and Jessica are left without partners, therefore they are eliminated.  The couples really stuck together this week!  Tune in next week when the couples are forced to mix it up and change partners. 

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