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Big Brother 13 Recap: Second Eviction & New Head Of Household

July 21, 2011 08:02 PM by Ryan Haidet

After a week of fights, tears, betrayal and battles, another houseguest was evicted from the Big Brother 13 house tonight.  Cassi and Shelly — best friends in the house — were up against each other for elimination after they were placed on the chopping block as replacement nominees.  Which one of them walked out of the door?  Read all about that and lots more from the episode, which also included a goofy cameo from the Zingbot 3,000.


“My poor kid’s gonna be so sad,” Shelly said moments after she was put on the chopping block.  She was very upset her daughter had to see her on television as somebody who lied to her original allies by switching sides on the first eviction.  She seemed to be ashamed of her own actions.  Shelly was also struggling with the fact she hadn’t revealed her secret vote from the first eviction to Cassi — her truest ally in the house.

If Shelly’s tears weren’t enough, we got to see Jordan wiping her eyes since she was also bummed out about the entire situation.  She didn’t want to nominate Cassi or Shelly, but felt forced to so she could keep her alliance with the veterans intact for now.

Rachel Gets Catty — Again

The first time Rachel played the game, I kept wondering how she would change herself after watching the way she comes across on national television.  Clearly, nothing has changed at all.  When Cassi pulled Rachel aside for a private chat, the red-haired diva got whiny yet again.  “I feel like you’re sending me out of here for personal reasons,” Cassi accused Rachel.  “Because I’m a female.”  Naturally, Rachel denied those allegations and said she didn’t like Cassi because of the way she acted toward her in the beginning of the game.

As the situation between the two kept bubbling up, Cassi walked out of the room and got the last word by calling Rachel an “ugly person inside.”  Rachel was devastated by Cassi’s remarks, so she rushed upstairs to tell her sob story to Jordan in the Head of Household bedroom.  “She’s so manipulative,” Rachel whined.  “She used every single one of my weaknesses against me.”  While trying to appear sympathetic, Jordan was brutally honest with Rachel by telling her she does come across as “bitchy” without realizing it sometimes.  This didn’t help Rachel much.  “It just hurts so bad because I’m not a villain,” the whiner continued.  “I’m so tired of people using that against me because I’m not a mean girl.  I’m not a villain.  I don’t attack people’s characters.  I don’t talk bad about people.”

Seriously.  Please go away, Rachel.  Nobody wants to see you on television anymore.  You’re right.  America doesn’t like you — and the above paragraph is the perfect example as to why.  It’s pathetic to watch an adult act this way.  Truly, an embarrassment.  Sorry, but it’s true.

Loved Ones

We got a new perspective on Adam and Dominic through their friends and family.  Adam’s girlfriend said he’s cuddly and sweet.  She also talked about how he lost more than 100 pounds as a motivation to be in better shape for Big Brother.

Dominic’s best friend outside of the house said that although he’s a 25-year-old virgin, he understands women a lot because he truly listens to them.

Eviction Time

After each of the women made their (potentially) final speeches, the live voting began.  By a unanimous decision (9-0), Cassi was evicted from the house.  When host Julie Chen revealed the vote, Cassi rose to her feet as if she expected to be eliminated and gave her goodbye hugs — even one with Rachel.

New HoH

My favorite part of the entire episode came in the form of a cameo.  The Zingbot 3000 — the insult-comic robot from previous seasons — was seen in the audience holding a stupid sign that said: “Comic-Con or Bust.”  Silly, but I loved it.


The live HoH competition was made up of questions answered online by fans of the show.  Much to my dismay, Rachel was victorious and claimed the power for the second time this summer.


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