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Expedition Impossible Recap: Can The Gypsies Be Beat?

July 21, 2011 07:21 PM by Megan Thompson

It’s another extreme adventure on Expedition Impossible for the nine remaining teams.  Unfortunately, a team faces an injury that might end their journey.  Keep reading to find out which teams survive and which team is sent home from the desert.   

Stage Five of The Competition:

It’s another grueling two day competition for the teams.  With the Gypsies winning the first four legs of the race, the other teams are gunning for them.  As an extra incentive to win, the host announces that the team who wins the first day of the race will get a phone call from their loved ones.   

As usual, the Gypsies are the first to leave because they were the first to the finish line.  The remaining teams are released in the order they finished the last race.  The first challenge is to use henna to draw a map on one of their teammate’s body parts.  The map will be used to get the contestants to their next check-point.   Basically a tattoo map on the body, hopefully the Moroccan heat doesn’t melt it off. 

The next task is to repel down the side of a mountain.  Again, Team No Limits and Gypsies are fighting it out for first place.  Not far behind are the Firemen and Football Players.  The Country Boys and The California Girls are currently in last place.  Other teams are amazed at Erik’s skill to climb down a mountain even though he is blind.  Brittany, from California Girls, struggles on the mountain putting her team way behind.

Team No Limits falls to fifth place because the terrain is very difficult for Erik to hike.  The Gypsies are the first team to reach the clue.  The next challenge is to comb the river bed to find a fish fossil, which they will then take to the next check-point.   With a ton of rocks, finding the fossil rock is like finding a needle in a hay stack.  Of course, the Gypsies find the rock first.  Two teams make a big mistake, team No Limits and The Firemen, leaving the fossil at the rock pile instead of carrying it with them.  Both teams must trek back to retrieve the fossil.    

First into the overnight camp is the undefeated Gypsies!  In a touching moment, or maybe just game play, Team Gypsies decides to give the prize of hearing from home to another team.  The host tells the No Limits team that the Gypsies decided to give them the video and phone call from home.  The California Girls are the last team into camp. 

The Next Day:

To start the day, teams must unlock a box by solving a Moroccan puzzle.  The box holds the next set of clues for the journey ahead.  With a three minute head start, the Gypsies are able to open the puzzle first.  It is now a five mile hike over grueling terrain to the next clue.  The Firemen are stumped by the puzzle and fall thirty minutes behind the pack.  The Gypsies actually make a navigational error and allows Fab 3 to jump into first place. 

The next challenge is to shimmy a key out of tower, which unlocks their ropes for repelling.  Fab 3 is the first to repel down the mountain and head on the hike toward the finish line. The Gypsies are not far behind in second place.  The California Girls, Country Boys and The Firemen are the last teams to the repelling challenge. 

It’s a race to the finish line and the Gypsies are right on the Fab 3’s heels.  Fab 3 starts running faster and as the Gypsies push harder to catch up.  While running on the rocks John, from the Gypsies, rolls his ankle!  The Gypsies stop running and take their injured team member to the side.  Fab 3 is today’s winner and the first team to beat the Gypsies!  Team Gypsies end up in second place and the Football Players round out the top in third place.  Two teams are fighting for the final spot, the former allies, The Firemen and The California Girls.  It’s a foot race to the end, but the California Girls knock out the Firemen.  The Firemen must now leave the dessert, but they can do so with the knowledge they played the game with integrity. 

Tune in next week to see if John’s ankle injury will be a major factor in the Gypsies race!

Below is the breakdown of the teams and how they finished in the fifth leg of the race. 

Fab 3: Ryan Allen Carrillo, Kari Gibson, AJ Gibson 

The Gypsies:  John Post ,Taylor Filasky, Eric Bach 

The Football Players: Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, Robert Ortiz, Ricky Sharpe

The Cops: Robert Robillard, Dani Henderson, James Vaglica 

No Limits: Erik Weihenmayer, Jeff Evans Aaron “Ike” Isaacson 

The Fishermen: Gus Sanfilippo, Nino Sanfilippo, Joe Sanfilippo

The Country Boys: Nicholas Coughlin, Jason Cronin, Chad Robinson 

California Girls: Christina Chin, Brittany Smith,Natalie Smith

New York Firemen: Kevin Coursey, Rob Keiley, Mike Egan 

Who is your favorite Expedition Impossible team and why?  Let us know, comment below!

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