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Love In The Wild: Interview with Contestants Mike Spiro and Jessica Debolt

July 21, 2011 03:55 AM by Megan Thompson

Have you been watching the new summer dating show Love In The Wild on NBC?  If not, tune in Wednesday night to watch sexy singles looking for love in the Costa Rica jungle.  Each week the contestants are teamed up as couples and will have to tackle an outdoor adventure together.  Keep reading to learn what two of the contestants, Mike Spiro and Jessica Debolt, have to say about their experience on the show!  

What has been the most surprising moment for you on the show?

Jessica:  I guess, just watching it! When you are in it, you are just in this little bubble of the contestants and what’s going on.   Getting to watch it and seeing those helicopter views.  We were just little ants in the jungle, but we had our own little world of drama going on around us. 

Is there anything you were surprised to learn about yourself during the show?

Jessica:  For me, I was surprised at the whole experience of how much you learn about yourself.  When you don’t have your friends and family to bounce information off of, you are going off your own gut.  I just learned to be more independent in my own thinking.

What was your most memorable moment on the show?

Mike: For me the most memorable moment was when Sam and I got into an argument for the first time and we were able to rebound from it. I think that spoke a lot to the connection we found.  It made me realize that this whole experiment is created with the right idea in mind. 

Jessica: On this last adventure when Derek and I were paddling across the island to Snake Island.  We were working physically so hard, but also working so well together.  It just stands out as one of my favorite adventures of all.

Were you surprised how quickly people developed connections on the show?

Mike: Yes, I was very surprised.  My expectations for this whole experiment were pretty low, I was skeptical going into it.  But I think a lot of people came into it with an open head and an open heart.  You find out a lot about people when you are put in some of these stressful situations pretty quickly.   If the connection was there the connection grew pretty quickly, if not then it was time to move on to the next person. 

Do you think couples that have formed relationships on the show will survive

Mike: That is a good question.  The taping is already over, as you know, that is a question I can’t really answer.  What you are seeing on TV surprisingly is pretty genuine for a lot of the couples.  Depending on how they do on the upcoming adventures will really determine the strength and test the limits of those relationships. 

Can you talk about when you expected and what it was really like when you went to Costa Rica?

Jessica:  We didn’t even know we were going to Costa Rica until a few weeks before we started airing.  I just knew we were in for a journey of complete unknowns.  From landing in Costa Rica it kept being an unknown after an unknown.  We didn’t really know what was in store. 

Mike:  I really didn’t know what to expect.  I certainly wasn’t expecting to make a strong connection with anybody because I was very skeptical that this experiment really would bring people together.  For me it was more about the experience, the fact that I was turning 30 later this year, I wanted to blow out my 20s with something really cool and fun.  I didn’t really know what to expect, and I was pretty surprised once I got there. 

You two are both from San Francisco. Did you two connect over being from the same town?

Mike: We had a conversation early on; we don’t live too far from each other in San Francisco.  It’s actually pretty funny that we came together in Costa Rica. 

Jessica:  Yeah, we are actually only live a few blocks from each other! 

What did each of you think of your host, Darren McMullen?

Jessica:  I thought Darren was hilarious! He is so witty and completely thinks on his feet.  He comes out with the most hilarious comments that I heard on the show, I don’t know if all of them were appropriate for airing though.

Mike: I think he has a really bright future!  He is a young guy, he is new in the industry, but he’s already starting to make waves.  I’m interested to see where his career takes him.

What’s the couple’s choice ceremony like when you have to wait to see if your current partner wants to stay or leave?

Jessica:  it is so nerve racking being in that couple’s choice ceremony and not knowing if your partner is going to stay with you or switch.  It is sort of unlike anything I have ever felt before.  Your heart is beating really quickly! There are so many things running quickly through your head. 

What is the craziest thing that happened to you in the jungle and the wildlife?

Jessica:  In the first adventure I was partnered with Jason and we got lost.  It took us six and half hours to complete the adventure.  It hit a point where we looked back at the camera men and they looked just as terrified as we did. 

Mike:  The craziest thing for me was when I decided to go with my gut and paddle the wrong way around Snake Island.  Only to found out on the map it said go south around the island.  Samantha and I agreed early on that if we had an instinct, to go with it.  But in this case you don’t need instinct when you have instructions!

Tune in to Love In The Wild on Wednesday nights to see if your favorite couple stays together!  What do you think of the new show?  Let us know what you think about the show and its cast, comment below. 

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