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Big Brother 13 Recap: David Hasselhoff Drops By Before Nomination Ceremony

July 24, 2011 06:53 PM by Ryan Haidet

Let’s just change the name from Big Brother 13 to the Rachel and Brendon show.  That’s all this season has become, and tonight’s episode was filled with more of their nonsense.  Want to hear the biggest shocker of all?  Brendon and Rachel both cried right in the middle of an argument.  Who did Rachel nominate for eviction and what was everybody’s reaction when David Hasselhoff entered the house for a surprise visit?  Read on to find out more!

Cutting Deals

While this episode offered up some goofy tidbits (Dominic snores like a dinosaur; Jeff didn’t realize Rachel was engaged), most of it boiled down to attempts at deal making with Brenchel.

It started with Adam, who once again promised to Rachel and Brendon that he would do anything to be with them in the game.  We’ve heard that before.  Then it was Lawon’s turn who tried to explain his thoughts on why they should all work together.  It didn’t make a whole lot of sense, and Rachel was bored with him pretty quickly.

Dominic took his turn just moments after the duo finished fighting.  He was trying to get them to turn their backs on Jeff and Jordan who were clearly showing signs of disloyalty (more on this later).  Although Rachel openly labeled Dominic as “flaky,” she shook his hand when he offered up his word.

Don’t Hassel The Hoff

For the luxury competition, every houseguest was eligible to compete, which also meant there are no Haves or Have-Nots for the entire week.  The backyard had been set up with a red carpet, and much to Adam’s dismay, it wasn’t Tori Spelling who walked out to greet them all.  Instead, it was a total stranger.  This regular guy explained that he was one of the stars on the new CBS reality show Same Name.

This challenge forced the houseguests to figure out which celebrity he shares the same name with by solving a series of clues.  The first clue was uncovered to show several bars of soap and an old pair of spectacles.  Amazingly enough, Jordan somehow tuned into her weird brainpower and guessed first that it was David Hasselhoff!  Huh?!?!  Multiple clues later, the rest of the house still didn’t even have the right person.

After the final clue, they all stepped outdoors to see David Hasselhoff himself sitting inside the front seat of a black Kitt-like car.  Everybody “ooooooed” and “awwwwed” over his arrival before giving him a tour of their home — even having him lay down in the Have-Nots bedroom.  After they all settled in with the Hoff, he gathered them together in the living room to announce that Jordan had won the luxury competition.  Her prize?  The right to watch an advance screening of the first episode of Same Name with three other houseguests (her choices).  There was also a plethora of food for them to feast on.  Instead of choosing her direct allies in the game (Brendon and Rachel), Jordan picked Shelly, Kalia and Jeff to share the reward.

Tears & Laughter

Sitting in a downstairs room together, Brendon and Rachel got into an argument over the fact that she had been sharing answers with Porsche during the luxury competition.  Brendon told her that she needs to stop making decisions in the house without thinking things out more thoroughly.  Naturally, Rachel started crying over the whole thing. He then told her they have sacrificed far too much to be in the game together for it to continue the way it has been going.  “Do you want me to nominate you?” she asked him.  During their spat, she also accused him of yelling at her.  This is when Brendon got weepy and said that he wasn’t yelling at her at all.

Rachel then went on a disgusting speech about how she wants to have a dream wedding with him because he’s an amazing person.  She even told him that she loves his brain.  Yuck!

The only thing they agreed on during their entire fight was that Jordan and Jeff weren’t being 100 percent loyal to them.  If they had been, Jordan would have selected them to be involved in the reward instead of two newbies.

CBS, please listen to all of us fans.  We don’t like watching Brendon and Rachel on this show.  It truly is turning many of us off.  If they ever return to the game for another season, I won’t be watching.


Jordan, Jeff, Shelly and Kalia were laughing away watching Same Name — the network’s ridiculous push to use Big Brother as a marketing tool for an unrelated show.  Do they not think that Big Brother is good enough?  Am I speaking for everybody else when I say that we fans don’t want another show pushed on us while we’re watching Big Brother?  We are tuned in because we want to watch Big Brother — nothing else at that moment.

When Hasselhoff left the house, he gave everybody goodbye hugs and kisses — two for Jordan.  Had he been playing the game, the Hoff said his allies would likely be Jeff and Jordan because he likes the kind of people they are.

Turning Sides?

Daniele felt the best situation right now would be for Brendon and Rachel to turn on Jeff and Jordan.  This way they would all be gunning for each other instead of her.  Plus, that would keep her ally, Dominic, safe for a while.  To push her point, she went up to the HoH bedroom and offered her ideas by saying that at some point, somebody is going to flip.  She basically suggested they make the first move and do it now.

As Daniele was leaving the HoH room, Jeff was walking in.  He asked Brendon and Rachel if they were angry Jordan didn’t include them in the reward.  Their response was, “Not at all.”  Although they secretly whined and complained about not being picked, they were completely dishonest with Jeff and lied to him about their true feelings.  This is when Jeff vowed that he was not intending to turn on them and neither was Jordan.

When it came time to nominate a duo for eviction, Rachel didn’t turn her back on Jeff and Jordan.  Instead, she put Dominic and Adam up on the chopping block.  Is this just an attempt to backdoor Jeff and Jordan?  Sound off below and let us know what you think is going to happen?

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