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Food Network Star Recap: It’s Show Time With Rachel Ray

July 24, 2011 07:18 PM by Megan Thompson

Six contestants remain in the competition, with their eye on the prize of being the next Food Network Star. Tonight the chefs meet up with two big stars from the Food Network, Ina Garten and Rachel Ray. Keep reading to find out which chefs impressed the guest judges and which contestant was sent packing!

It’s time to move out of LA and head to New York City! The remaining contestants pack their bags and head to the Big Apple. The contestants arrive at the Food Network kitchen and Bobby Flay welcomes them. Ms. Ina Garten walks into the room and Whitney is such a fan, she breaks out in tears. It’s time for the camera challenge!

Camera Challenge:
The contestants must bake a cupcake that represents who they are. Once the cupcake is finished the chef must present the cupcake on camera to the judges. Susie is up first and she makes a Mexican corn cupcake. It doesn’t sound good, but let’s see what the judges think! The judge’s think the corn muffin is good, but the toppings are a miss. Mary Beth finally makes something that Bobby wants to eat – strawberry cupcakes! As usual, Vic’s presentation goes over well with the judges. Whitney goes out on a limb and makes a version of Ina’s cupcakes. Ina loves the cupcakes, but again the judge’s aren’t sure if Whitney has the star power. Jyll’s food impresses the judges, but her personality doesn’t feel “real”. Jeff is up last with a sandwich cupcake, yes a cold cut cupcake! The judges are not pleased with the “meat” cupcake or his presentation.

Star Challenge:
The Star Challenge this week is to appear on the Rachel Ray show and do an on-air cooking demo! The contestants must put their twist on a traditional family dinner. The chefs will have to do an opening, a three minute cooking demo and then answer questions from the audience. The chefs pick up the domes and see which dinner they will have to put a twist on. Whitney gets chili, Vic gets lasagna, Mary Beth has shepherd’s pie, Jyll is assigned meatloaf, stir-fry is Susie’s dish and Jeff has pork chops and applesauce. The chefs head to the kitchen to start cooking the assigned dishes!

The next morning Rachel Ray welcomes the chefs to the show. Whitney is up first to the star challenge and she is nervous! Whitney’s introduction goes very smoothly and she is confident. Confident, cool and great personality is how the judge’s describe Whitney’s performance. Mary Beth is fired up and ready to cook, but then loses her energy! Mr. Vic Vegas is up next and wants to nail this performance. How can Vic screw up lasagna? Hmmm- he is going to mix lasagna with a tortilla and then fry it! Vic forgot to take audience questions and forgot some helpful hints; he is not pleased with his performance. Up next is Susie to prepare her chicken fajitas. Susie is nervous and it shows, she forgets to take an audience question a well. Jyll’s meatloaf is up next. Jyll remembers to take a question from the audience, but the question throws her off. The sandwich man is up next. Jeff nails it! He is high energy, informative and fun. Rachel thinks the sandwich guy “killed it!”

Evaluation and Elimination:
The judges point out the obvious flaws from each person’s performance. Jeff and Whitney are chosen as the top two contestants in the star challenge. But it is Jeff who is chosen as the ultimate winner! The judges are disappointed in Susie’s performance; they really thought she failed on the Rachel show. Jyll lacks focus on her culinary point of view and it definitely showed this week. Vic and Mary Beth lack consistency.

The judges decide that Jyll should be eliminated this week! She is not shocked by the decision, but is definitely disappointed. Jyll says she didn’t give up, be she is ready to go home.

Who is your favorite chef left in the competition? Let us know, comment below!

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