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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Family Fun Turns Into Disaster As One Team Is Thrown Out!

July 25, 2011 06:04 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen was back tonight, and after the men were kicked out of the kitchen last week, could they pull together tonight? Family fun night is anything but tonight as one team is kicked out, but who was it? Keep reading for all the highlights!

Hell’s Kitchen returned tonight as the remaining red team members had to decide who was going to volunteer to go over to the men’s team, but it was not an easy decision. Natalie offered to go, but most of the ladies thought that Carrie and Elise needed to split up, so eventually Carrie volunteered to go, as Elise refused to go. Gordon Ramsay decided to wake the chefs with a clown posse today only to turn down Carrie’s request to go to the blue team. Instead, Gordon Ramsay chose to send Natalie to the men’s team, but would it backfire on him?

Actually, it turned out to be a blessing for the blue team as their challenge was feeding a hungry group of children and their moms today, with the team getting the most diners fed, the winning prize. In the red kitchen, it was a nightmare as Carrie and Elise continued to butt heads – at one point I thought Elise was going to hit Carrie, but she didn’t. On the blue side, with Natalie’s leadership, the team was finally able to get some organization and ended up winning the challenge. So while the red team was stuck cleaning and putting together play sets for the family dinner service, the blue team got to enjoy an afternoon at Medieval Times!

Before dinner service, Jamie had it out with Carrie, which put even more stress on the red team. The blue team kicked off dinner service with great communication and a plan, while the red team refused to even speak to one another. Gina and Chino were working the floor helping James, so they would not be in the kitchen. But Chino was off to an awful start as he could not get the orders correct while Gina did get a good start. Unfortunately, the red kitchen got their entire first ticket wrong sending Gordon Ramsay into an angry tirade.

The red team continued to go downhill from there as Amanda could not get a grip on her fish, cooking it improperly and then forgetting to even fire some of her fish. While Amanda was in la la land, the entire red team struggled. The blue team was doing a tad bit better, although they had a slight delay because of Natalie’s undercooked Wellington, but they managed to get meals out. The red team’s diners were starving, and finally Gordon had enough – he made them all go out and apologize to the diners for the delay. After they shared their apologies with the families, Gordon Ramsay kicked the entire red team out of the kitchen for dinner service – didn’t we just go through this last week with the blue team?

Of course, back in the dorms on Hell’s Kitchen, while Amanda feared that she was going up for elimination, Elise thought that this may be the opportunity to get Carrie off the show. Just as Carrie started to plead her case, Elise cut her off and the pair got into it yet again. When service is up, Gordon asked who on the red team should be eliminated and they all wanted Carrie gone, but Gordon brought up Jennifer, Amanda and Carrie. While most of the contestants thought that Carrie would be eliminated, Gordon Ramsay chose to send Amanda packing as she lost her will during service and gave up.

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