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The Bachelorette Recap: Fiji Fantasy Suites and Surprises

July 25, 2011 07:11 PM by Candace Young

This week on The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert takes her remaining three bachelors, Constantine Tzortzis, Ben Flajnik, and JP Rosenbaum to the tropical island of Fiji for the overnight, or fantasy suite, dates! Keep reading for all of the highlights, including who goes home, and who comes back!

Ashley arrives in Fiji feeling great about Constantine, Ben, and JP, and confident that she will find her husband on The Bachelorette.

An unexpected visitor, Ryan P, is also on Fiji. He needs to ask Ashley if there is any chance for them – he wants to give it another shot. He goes to Ashley’s suite and knocks. She is opens the door, covers her mouth in surprise, and asks what is going on.

Ryan explains that their one-on-one date in Thailand wasn’t conducive to passion, and that he was taken completely off guard by her letting him go. Once back at work, he found it was on his mind non-stop, so he called Chris Harrison and asked to come back. As Ryan goes on and on, Ashley regards him thoughtfully. He insists there was something there from the moment he stepped out of the limo. He gives her a paper, saying this is where he’s staying, and if she wants to spend more time together, he’ll be there for a couple of days.

Ashley puts Ryan to the back of her mind to greet Ben for their date. She tells him they’re going out on the water and points to a yacht moored nearby. On board, they talk about his family. She admits she was intimidated by his mother. Ben thinks it went well.  They put suntan lotion on each other and go snorkeling. Ben tells the camera he’s definitely falling in love.

During the evening portion of the date, they have dinner and joke. Ben turns things serious and tells her that he can see them together after The Bachelorette ends. He lets her know that he feels committed to her at this point. Ashley comments on how much he’s opened up during the process. He agrees – he’s available, whereas he wasn’t two months ago. He says he’s on his way to the whole ‘I love you’ thing. They kiss. Ashley tells the camera that she’s excited to show Ben the fantasy suite card, and hopes that tonight he’ll show her how he feels. Ben reads the card and says continuing on would be very nice. They head to their romantic suite for the night and have a dip in the private pool.

Ashley meets Constantine for their date the next day and he is super-enthused about them taking a helicopter ride. They hold hands while taking in the spectacular view. Once on solid ground again, they walk to a waterfall and Ashley tells him they’re going to jump off of it. They do, and then frolic in the water. Ashley notes that he’s still more closed off than anyone else as they sit down for a picnic. When she asks, he says he totally missed her after the hometown date. Ashley gets Constantine to admit he looked at 108 houses before buying one. He insists that houses and women are different.

Back at his room, Ryan tells the cameras he’s been waiting for several days now and is just hoping for a knock on his door.

Constantine and Ashley head to a candlelit gazebo to have dinner in the evening portion of the date. They toast to spending a lot of time together tonight, but Ashley asks if he ever acts on emotion – she doesn’t feel like he wants to hold her hand or be around her. Constantine admits that those things normally come naturally to him, but he hasn’t been able to do it with her.  He says he should ideally be madly in love at this point. He says he’s known all along that if he if he didn’t feel that way, he wouldn’t accept the fantasy suite – he has too much respect for her. Constantine says if they’re being honest, it’s the end of the road for him. Ashley is glad he’s honest about it.  They hug goodbye.

The next day, Ashley goes to see Ryan, saying she has clarity and knows exactly what she needs to do. They go for a walk and Ashley tells him that getting out of the limo he seemed to be just what she wanted. She admits that saying goodbye to him was difficult and she was distraught, but it was the right decision because she didn’t feel that passion, and she’s found that – with two people. Ryan is happy for her, but disappointed that the amazing ending he imagined for them won’t be happening.

Ashley meets JP for their date. They share a big hug and lots of kisses. A seaplane comes in for a landing and JP gasps, “Is that for us?” Ashley giggles and says there are lots of surprises this week. They go up in the plane and JP tells the camera they’ve made a lot of memories, but this will likely be the high point. They go to a spot that JP calls their own private island. There is tons of PDA going on.

On the beach, JP tells Ashley how much his family loved her, and she returns the sentiment. He repeatedly says he’s ready for this to be over, and for her to pick him. She jokes, “Do you want to live in New York or Fiji?” Ashley tells the camera that she and JP feel the same; they just want to be together.  They make out in the water.

The evening portion of the date sees JP and Ashley having dinner in what he characterizes as a jungle setting. JP tells her he’s still afraid of her potentially having feelings for two other guys. Ashley teases that she has already said goodbye to two guys this week. She tells him about Constantine leaving, and about Ryan coming back. JP can’t suppress his ear-to-ear grin. They laugh as she asks if he thought Bentley came back. Ashley tells him not to be worried, saying she knows how it feels to want to be the only one. She gives him the fantasy suite card, he reads it, and then says he’s into that! They go to the suite and start kissing. JP tells the camera that he’s in love with her. Ashley comes out in a man’s shirt and they make out on the bed.

Ashley rehashes the week with Chris Harrison.  She tells him it was more difficult to say goodbye to Ryan since he was so hurt by it.  They discuss having a rose ceremony even though there are only two guys left. Ashley thinks it’s important. She says she’s turning the tables around tonight – it’s a two way street – they have to accept the rose. Chris suggests she tell them what is going on, and why she’s still doing a rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony

Ashley is so happy with the two guys she has left that she will be devastated if one of them doesn’t accept the rose. She’s ready to be engaged – but are they? Chris tells the guys that Ashley will explain Constantine’s absence. Ashley appears and tells them that Constantine let her know he didn’t feel strongly enough to move forward. She says she wanted to do the rose ceremony tonight so that they can examine how they feel about her and decide whether or not to accept a rose.  She offers Ben the first rose – he accepts it.  Ashley offers JP the second rose – he also accepts.

Next week, the Men Tell All will air on Sunday night, followed by The Bachelorette on Monday, which will see Ashley’s family join them in Fiji.

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