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America’s Got Talent Recap: Do Not Try This At Home!

July 26, 2011 08:02 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on NBC‘s America’s Got Talent live from Hollywood, it’s the next round of quarter finals, and the show begins with Howie warning it’s one of the most dangerous shows they’ve had, and not to try this at home! Could it be due to the performance of Professor Splash? Keep reading for all of the highlights and commentary from judges Howie Mandel, Piers Morgan, and Sharon Osbourne

Nick Cannon reminds us that only four of tonight’s acts will move on to the America’s Got Talent semi-finals. Sharon says she thinks that tonight’s lineup will be exciting.

The first act is Summerwind Skippers, a jump rope team from Idaho. Howie hopes they step it up since they were only ‘really good’ previously. Party Rock by LMFAO is the tune that kicks off the act which features some amazing tricks and high-energy entertainment. Piers was sure he was never going to like an act like this, but tonight they were terrific – they made skipping sexy! Sharon agrees, saying she loved the music choice and it was all very current. Howie is fascinated by Piers Morgan thinking skipping is sexy. He tells them they’re really good, but doesn’t know if he’d sit through a whole lot more of it – America will have to decide.

Three very young rappers, SH’Boss Boys, are up next.  They start with a routine to ABC by The Jackson Five before launching into their rap. The kids get funky in school outfits with backpacks, and even have pink-clad mini-back-up dancers. Sharon tells them they thoroughly entertained her – she wants to hug them because they’re so cute. Howie tells them he’s old, but he knows what’s good – they’re adorable. Piers tells them to forget about the ABC stuff and stick to the rapping.

Mauricio Herrera is a Latin singer, who loves his new notoriety. Sharon hopes America gets his ‘fun’ factor. Mauricio takes the stage in black leather pants and red blazer belting out Viva Las Vegas, but he doesn’t sound very good. Piers buzzes, followed by Sharon, but he finishes up.  Howie thinks he’s funny, and says he’d go see him. Piers says he’s a very nice guy, but if he’s brutally honest if he was an act at a bar, he would leave. Sharon tells Mauricio the galloping threw her, but he is fun to watch.

Illusionist, Seth Grabel, will take the stage next. Since he previously dropped a prop, he’s determined to go big tonight and will risk his life. In a white suit, Seth tells the audience he will be suspended in mid-air over a vat of hot tar with only thirty seconds to escape a straitjacket before a spinning blade will cut the rope. He appears to go into the vat, is carried out, stuffed into a cannon, and appears in a tank of water across the stage! Howie thinks it looked amazing – he really stepped it up. Sharon says it was very dramatic and really a great performance. Piers calls it bigger, better, slicker – all around his best performance.

Nick announces that tomorrow night on the live results show, Stevie Nicks, and Fighting Gravity will perform.

Poplyfe, a band fronted by a female, are up next. They perform a rock version of Rolling In the Deep by Adele.  They sound quite good. Sharon stands along with the audience at the end. Sharon says they took a risk doing that song tonight, but it worked out – she hopes America brings them back. Howie calls them the best act of the night so far. Piers says back in Vegas he thought the girl was an obvious star, but he couldn’t see the point of the band – tonight he saw the point of the band – the whole thing was great!

Ian Johnson, the 16 year-old yo-yoist is set to impress America live from Hollywood. He intends to prove that a yo-yo act can be turned into a Vegas show. Ian hits the stage in a black tracksuit, white hat and white gloves. He has hip hop dancers and music from the Black Eyed-Peas, but his tricks earn a buzz from Piers early on. Howie thinks he’ll become the best yo-you person in the world, but is it a headline act? America will have to answer. Piers says he made yo-yoing as exciting as it could be tonight but it was still bloody boring. Sharon thinks there needs to be more of Ian’s personality in the act.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., who sings like Frank Sinatra, will perform live now. He feels blessed, and plans to come out and be the entertainer he was born to be. Landau is polished looking in a nice suit, and sings Fly Me To The Moon. The crowd claps along. His voice is rich and full – he sounds awesome. Howie and Sharon stand to applaud as do much of the audience. Piers asks how he’s feeling. Landau says overwhelmed and the happiest man on the planet. Piers says he had confidence and pizazz – he’s got the factor they look for. Sharon is proud of him – he’s an incredible young man. Howie says he’s still on track for the ride of his life – he could go all the way!

Next on stage are The Purrfect Angelz, a Los Angeles-based group of former cheerleaders who want their own show in Vegas.  Wearing hot western-themed outfits, the Angelz perform a routine to Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy by Big & Rich. Piers buzzes them before they’re through. Howie says it reminds him of going to Hooters. Piers takes exception to Howie’s remark, but also tells the girls that he doesn’t think they’ll go through up against the other talent tonight. Sharon says it was fun and she liked the choreography, but is it the next big act? America must decide.

Monet, the 12 year-old female singer is ready to go live in Hollywood. Monet stands on a podium on the stage in a white dress with silver sequin accents and belts her song into the microphone.  Howie says she is beautiful, and is a passionate performer despite not hitting all the notes just right. Piers also notes she’s not pitch-perfect, but says when her voice matures in three or four years time she could be a really strong singer. Sharon thinks she did extremely well, and hopes America votes her through.

Gory entertainers, Captain and Maybelle, from Atlanta have Piers dreading what they will bring to the stage live tonight. Nick warns viewers not to try this at home. In a fifties kitchen setting, Captain lifts a cast iron frying pan with his tongue by a hook. Maybelle then swings the pan from her nostrils. Captain follows that by inserting hooks into his lower eyelids and lifting a kettle. The judges all turn away. Piers calls them the most disgusting people in America. Sharon admits she missed part of the act. Howie says he watched it all and there aren’t words to describe it.

Lys Agnes, who was discovered singing in the basement by her mom, is ready to perform in Hollywood.  Lys plans to challenge herself with the piece she’s chosen tonight. Standing in a giant picture frame, she gives it her all. Piers says she has a beautiful voice, but it didn’t knock him out. Sharon was moved – she thought she told the story of the song. Howie says she definitely moved him – she’s gorgeous and talented – she makes opera accessible to the masses.

Professor Splash will end the night with his death-defying act in which he jumps from a very high tower into a small blow-up pool. He will jump three stories tonight – falling almost 40 mph into water only 12 inches deep. Nick asks for complete silence as Professor Splash prepares, and then jumps. He pretends not to move for a moment, and then stands up suddenly to thunderous applause. Howie admits he was terrified, but wonders how you turn that into a headlining show. Piers calls it dangerous, stupid, and thrilling – it was sensational. Sharon pronounces it to be spectacular. Nick notes that he just set a new world record.

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3 Responses to “America’s Got Talent Recap: Do Not Try This At Home!”

  1. pippa Says:
    July 27th, 2011 at 4:19 am

    Poplyfe was the best group, followed by Landau and Lys! Hopefully the 4th act in the finals will be Seth Grabel. And the jump ropers were pretty darn good too.

  2. Andy Kym Says:
    July 27th, 2011 at 6:10 am

    Mauricio looks like the hitman from No Country For Old Men….HMMMMMMM…….

  3. Jim Spengler Says:
    July 27th, 2011 at 6:16 am

    Show #1 was the only good show. The last 2 semi-finals have been very bad TV, which are repeated 3 times each week. All 12 acts should be eliminated this week.


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