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Hell’s Kitchen: Amanda Colello Says She Should Have Been More Dramatic

July 26, 2011 11:42 AM by Lisa Princ

Last night on FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen we watched as the ladies were kicked out of the kitchen during Family night, which resulted in Amanda Colello getting axed by Gordon Ramsay. In an exclusive interview today, Amanda said she should have been more dramatic, but why? Read on for more…

Hell’s Kitchen fans watched a lot of drama last night and Gordon Ramsay ended the evening by letting Amanda Colello go home after she failed to “fight back.” In an exclusive interview with Amanda this morning, she dished about her time on the show and what she would have done differently – check it out below!

RTVM: What happened to you last night? You seemed to just zone out?

Amanda Colello:A lot of that was editing, they don’t show everything. Unfortunately, I could not keep up with the Carrie and Elise drama. A lot of the stuff you don’t get to see, and if that is the worst that I have done, I think I did pretty well.

RTVM: So why do you think Gordon Ramsay chose to send you home?

Amanda Colello: I honestly don’t know. I watched it back and I don’t know, I didn’t make a lot of mistakes. If being crucified for the fish was my only downfall, I should not have gone home.

RTVM: If you could go back and do it again, what would you do differently?

Amanda Colello: The only thing I would do differently would be to be more dramatic and stir up drama. I didn’t mess up in my cooking and I had a great signature dish. I just have too much integrity to start fights like Carrie and Elise. I didn’t want to be that chef, or have people remembering me for the drama though.

RTVM: Were you surprised that Gordon Ramsay shot down Carrie’s request to go to the blue team?

Amanda Colello:No, that did not surprise me at all. I mean, think about it – we all knew what was going on there. When we had the steak challenge, they paired Carrie and Elise just for the drama. When he called my name, I was thinking “oh shit,” but I was hoping I would not have been eliminated, but of course Carrie stayed for the drama factor.

RTVM: How tough was it for you to try and work through that drama and fighting?

Amanda Colello: It was very hard. That was the most frustrated I have ever been in the kitchen and it was more stressful than having Chef Ramsay and the cameras in my face.

RTVM:What made you try out for Hell’s Kitchen?

Amanda Colello:Originally, my mom had been begging me to audition since season one. Last year, my fiance passed away and he had always wanted me to do it. I finally decided to give it a shot, although I did not think I would get chosen. It was very involved getting chosen, but it was such a cool experience.

RTVM: What is next for you?

Amanda Colello: Right now, I am working as the executive chef at Public House in CA. I am trying to find investors willing to invest in me so that I can open my own restaurant. I am tired of working for everyone and it is my dream to have my own restaurant.

Best of luck to Amanda Colello and thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. Are you enjoying the new season of Hell’s Kitchen? Comment and share your thoughts with us and then be sure to tune in tonight for another two nights of Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef on Fox!

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