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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Gordon Ramsay Gives Both Teams The Boot Tonight!

July 26, 2011 07:08 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen returned tonight, but after the disastrous dinner service last night, could the teams come back and prove themselves tonight? Not likely! When some Olympic athletes stop in, Gordon Ramsay boots out both teams! Keep reading for all the highlights!

Hell’s Kitchen kicked off another new episode tonight with Elisa in an uproar over the loss of Amanda, complaining that Carrie should have gotten eliminated. Krupa decided to open her mouth to Elise and the pair had a heated verbal exchange, making it known that they do not like each other. Then it was time for their first challenge tonight. For this challenge, the teams first had to catch live chickens, with the number of chickens caught equaling the amount of other ingredients they would be able to select for their challenge dish.

The red team caught nine chickens while the blue team caught eleven, making it a successful task for both sides. When it was time for their actual cooking challenge, Gordon Ramsay informed them that they would only be cooking one chicken per team. Paired up, each team would have to use a different part of the chicken and create a delicious dish for Chef Ramsay and some of the staff of People Magazine. The winning team would not only get a prize, but the winning pair would also get a feature in the magazine with Gordon Ramsay.

The teams both scored points with the judges, and ended tied with one final set of pairs up to present their dishes. Elizabeth and Elise were offering their roasted chicken with squash, while Natalie and Chino were presenting their roasted chicken and coconut soup. The judges and Gordon Ramsay loved both dishes, but decided that the win was going to the red team. Elise and Elizabeth won the magazine spread and the girls were off to a day of go karts, while the blue team stuck it out making stock.

Dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen was just as much of a disaster as it has been the past few episodes – if not worse! Tonight, each team had a chef’s table with some Olympic stars there and neither team could get anything done properly. The red team struggled to get out fish and lamb for two Olympic volleyball trainers, with even Elise making her own mistake of under cooking the fish. At the very least, Elise took Gordon’s criticism like an adult and admitted that she was responsible for her error.

On the blue side, the team was trying to get out appetizers for two Olympic swimmers and they couldn’t even get the salad correct. As if that was not bad enough, Chino after multiple attempts, could not figure out how to properly cook his meat which sent Gordon Ramsay in a downward spiral. Next, Gordon kicked the blue team out of the kitchen yet again. But it was not over for Gordon there as he headed to the red kitchen, and after numerous mistakes on their end, kicked them out as well.

After Gordon Ramsay finished up dinner service with Scott and Andy, he told both teams to choose two nominees for elimination. Tempers flared in both dorms as Elise and Carrie once again began to point fingers, and Chino accused Natalie of trying to sabotage him. When it was time for elimination, the red team nominated Carrie and Elise while the blue team nominated Chino and Monterray, who they thought was slacking as well.

As Gordon Ramsay spoke to each of them, Elise demanded that he take a vote to see how many of her team members actually voted for her. Much to her shock, all of the red team voted for her except for Elizabeth. But Elise had no worries as Gordon sent her back to safety. With Carrie, Chino and Monterray still up there, Gordon announced that Chino’s time had run out in Hell’s Kitchen and he would be saying goodbye!

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3 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Gordon Ramsay Gives Both Teams The Boot Tonight!”

  1. innerjuju Says:
    July 26th, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    I am SICK of Elise. I know Ramsay likes keeping the drama to ‘heat’ up the kitchen but she makes me ill just to listen to her never ending yelling. Its almost as bad as Mary Murphy on So You Think You Can Dance.

  2. Rick G. Says:
    July 27th, 2011 at 3:14 am

    Words cannot express how much repect Chef Ramsey has lost from me. To keep Elise around after everyone has expressed how much she has affected the team with her loud brash mouth and disrespect for everyone including the sous chef tells me he is only keeping her around for ratings over experience. I am so sick of alleged “reality shows” being flipped around because some idiot production manager thinks he is Felini. If Ramsey is running his show at the mercy of one with no idea of how to run a kitchen, then I hope he fails miserably.

  3. Capable Girl Says:
    July 27th, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    I’m tired of Chef Ramsay kicking entire teams out when he gets mad. In the past, he usually kicked people out individually at first and that was appropriate. We are not given the opportunity to see how certain chefs can perform because of the poor abilities of just a few. Keep in those who are deserving and send away the bad cooks only.


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