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Masterchef Recap: Attempted Sabotage Goes Wrong

July 26, 2011 09:17 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week we saw Mother’s Day on Fox‘s Masterchef and tonight it’s all about pork and scallops. But when one contestant makes an attempt at sabotage, it blows up in their face. Read on for all the highlights!

Masterchef returned tonight after not airing last night due to the presidential address. This time, the top nine were back for another mystery box challenge. In this mystery box the remaining nine chefs found everything from scallops to cauliflower and bananas. While there were other ingredients, the contestants all chose to focus on the scallops for this challenge, trying to come up with the best way to create a dish that would blow the judges’ minds.

Ben Starr shocked the judges during his attempt as he decided to go with bananas and scallops paired together, but would it pay off for him? After all the contestants were done cooking, the judges chose three scallop dishes to taste: Christian’s, Adrien’s and shockingly, Ben’s, although they seemed to just be intrigued by Ben’s scallops. Christian did a scallop with pancetta, and being the master of shellfish, of course the judges loved his dish. The judges were also pleased with Ben’s dish, but it was Adrien, who created scallops “three ways” that won them over for the challenge.

Because he won the challenge on Masterchef, Adrien had control over the next challenge, which proved to be an interesting one. The main ingredient for this challenge was pork, with a twist as Adrien had to assign a specific cut of pork to each contestant. Adrien decided to use this his advantage as he attempted to sabotage certain individuals that he did not like, by giving them bad cuts of pork. He chose pork cheeks for Christian in an attempt to send Christian home, as well as pork belly for Suzy, another contestant he was hoping to send home.

Adrien took the pork chops for himself and gave Derrick another tough one in the St. Louis style ribs. The others all got easier cuts of pork, with Alejandra getting the pork loin, which is arguably the easiest cut to cook – he must like her. The sabotage attempt would prove to be a bad move on Adrien’s part though as those he thought he was hurting actually came back even stronger.

The judges were completely stunned by Derrick’s delicious St. Louis Ribs and Christian’s pork cheek dish, while they were not as impressed with Adrien’s own dish. Both Jennifer and Suzy got raked over the coals by Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich with Suzy being told that her dish was the worst thing they had ever tasted in the Masterchef kitchen. Jennifer’s dish was just too simple and did not look or taste very good, leading Gordon to spit it out.

Ben Starr decided to go with chili for his pork butt, but he made a mistake and ended with beans that were still hard. He attempted to pull them out, but eventually just told the judges the truth so he would not get ripped apart after watching what happened to the ladies. Christine impressed with her short ribs and Alejandra thought her pork loin with apricot sauce would be delectable – wrong! Alejandra’s dish looked delicious until Joe Bastianich noticed that her pork loin was still raw – cardinal sin number one for the judges!

After tasting all the dishes, the judges decided that the winning dishes were Christian and Christine, which meant that they will be the team captains for the next challenge. The bottom three tonight (if you hadn’t already guessed it) were Alejandra, Suzy and Jennifer. Jennifer was in tears but was quickly sent back to safety. While we all watched and thought that Suzy would be going home due to her horrible tasting dish, Alejandra’s raw pork actually caused her to be the one that the judges chose to eliminate tonight. I feel sorry for Adrien because after tonight, I am guessing he made some enemies on the show.

Good luck to Alejandra and be sure to tune in next time for a brand new episode of Masterchef!

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One Response to “Masterchef Recap: Attempted Sabotage Goes Wrong”

  1. Peg Says:
    July 26th, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    I think Christian is an arrogant s.o.b. but obviously he can cook. Still don’t like him and hope he goes but I have a feeling he will end up the Master Chef.


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