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Big Brother 13 Recap: Deals Made, Deals Broken

July 27, 2011 07:48 PM by Ryan Haidet

Scheming.  Plotting.  Deceit.  Those words pretty much sum up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 13.  The main focus for the entire house laid on the Power of Veto competition.  Who won the challenge and did they use the PoV to spare Dominic and Adam from eviction?  Plus, which houseguest has been labeled as the mastermind of a bigger plan?  Read on to find out!

Dominic’s Deal

Up in the Head of Household bedroom, Daniele told Rachel that this would be the perfect opportunity to make a big move to backdoor Jeff and Jordan since they are such a solid power couple.  Rachel was starting to think Daniele’s points were making sense.  Wow.

As Brendon and Rachel shared a gross bath together in which they took turns rubbing their feet, they talked about how torn they were regarding their next move.  Target Jeff and Jordan?  Target Dominic?

Later that day, Dominic went up to the HoH bedroom and told Rachel he was still on board to work with them 100 percent.  He also admitted that he trusts them far more than Jeff and Jordan.  This is when a deal was struck in which he agreed to purposely lose the PoV competition so they could have the power to make a big move.  Big risk for Dominic, too — especially after he gave them his word multiple times with no sign of loyalty on their behalf so far.

Daniele’s Push

After the deal went down, Daniele went up to the HoH bedroom to join Brendon and Rachel.  She was stunned to find out Dominic had vowed to throw the PoV.  “I think you guys need him to win,” she said.  Rachel responded quickly saying, “If he wins, then he pulls himself off.”  Then Brendon chimed in, “Well, what are we gonna do?  Send Jeff home?”  Daniele couldn’t believe this was happening since she thought they were on board with targeting Jeff and Jordan.

Spelling Competition

As we’ve seen in previous seasons, the contestants faced a spelling challenge.  The person who spelled the longest word after 10 minutes of collecting letters would win the PoV.  Remember Jeff’s infamous “technotronics?”  Yeah, that challenge.

Holding true to his word, Dominic was definitely throwing the competition.  He wasn’t even looking at the letters he was sifting through, but simply tossing them around acting like he was busy.

Here’s how the end result broke down:

  • Jordan spelled “little” although she almost spelled “farting”
  • Dominic spelled “standings”
  • Rachel spelled “mouisturizing” –  an incorrect attempt at moisturizing
  • Adam spelled “fractions”
  • Jeff spelled “expresses”
  • Brendon spelled “understanding”

With that, Brendon won the PoV.  “Who’s back and better than ever?” he bragged in the Diary Room before kissing the golden medallion.

Caught In A Scheme

In the backyard, Daniele asked Rachel what her thoughts were now that Brendon won the PoV.  Out of nowhere, Rachel suggested backdooring Kalia and Lawon, which Daniele didn’t understand.  Neither do I.  Despite the fact that Dominic had done everything she asked, Rachel still couldn’t trust him.

Meanwhile, Dominic was talking with Shelly about the future of the game when he mentioned sticking together and eventually going after the veterans.  Although Shelly acted like she was on Dominic’s side, she said in the Diary Room that Jeff and Jordan are the people she trusts the most.

Uh oh…

The next morning, Shelly told Jordan all about her conversation with Dominic.  The two of them started breaking down the whole situation and realized that Daniele had a lot to do with the whole thing.  To share their discussion, the two of them rushed upstairs to tell Rachel and Brendon everything.

It didn’t take long for them all to agree that Dominic definitely has to go this week with Daniele right behind him at the next elimination since she’s the mastermind in the best position right now.

And that plan was made clear at the Veto Ceremony as Brendon chose not to use the PoV.  That left Dominic and Adam on the chopping block.  Dominic, I think you’ve met your own demise.  Sorry.

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