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Crystal Harris Disses Hugh Hefner When Talking About Their Sex Life

July 27, 2011 06:25 AM by Megan Thompson

Crystal Harris is pouring salt in ex-fiancé Hugh Hefner’s wounds by talking about their sex life, or lack of it. Keep reading to find out what Crystal has to say about the 85 year-old playboy’s sex drive!

It was back in June when Crystal dumped Hefner just days before they were to supposed to get married.  Crystal received a lot of media coverage for jilting Hefner and it just happen to be around the time her debut song was released.  Hmm – sounds suspicious to me and to the former Girls Next Door too!

So what is Crystal saying about this 85 year old stud known for his way with the ladies?  Well, she is not being to kind to her ex-fiancé.  Of course the conversation turned to sex when Crystal was talking with Howard Stern on XM Radio.  Crystal slams Hugh by saying, “(It lasted) like, two seconds,” Ouch!  Plus, Crystal elaborates by telling Howard, “Then I was just over it.  I just like, walked away.  I’m not turned on by Hef.  Sorry.”  Wow!  Can we guess it was the money that turned Crystal onto Hef in the first place?  Whatever Crystal’s reasons for leaving, I don’t think she will be invited back to the mansion anytime soon!

Crystal’s remarks shouldn’t come as a surprise, as she showed no remorse after dumping Hefner.  On what was to be her wedding day, she flew to Las Vegas to party with Heidi Montag at the MGM Grand Hotel.  Let’s just say she didn’t seem too upset by the break-up.

It looks like Hef definitely didn’t find his true love in Crystal.  Hef took to Twitter and wrote, “I think I just missed a bullet.”  I’m sure Hef will have many more ladies in his life, but I doubt he will propose again.

What do you think about Crystal’s comments?  Did Crystal cross a line talking about their sex life?  Let us know what you think, comment below!

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One Response to “Crystal Harris Disses Hugh Hefner When Talking About Their Sex Life”

  1. Crumpy Says:
    July 27th, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Classless. It sounds like she’ll do anything to promote herself including throwing someone who helped her get to where she is right under the bus. She’ll get her five minutes in the spotlight and join the other classless has-beens.


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