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LA Ink’s Kat Von D Versus Good Day LA

July 27, 2011 06:14 PM by Megan Thompson

 LA Ink's Kat Von D Diva or Not?

Did Kat Von D really think she could appear on a talk show and not discuss her breakup with Jesse James?  Apparently, yes she did!  Keep reading to find out Kat’s response was when the host of Good Day LA mentioned his name.   

Kat was scheduled to appear on Good Day LA this morning to talk about her new season of LA Ink.  So what caused Kat to stomp off set before the interview could even get started?  The host of the morning talk show simply introduced Kat by saying, “She just broke up with fiancé Jesse James, but not before getting a tattoo of his childhood picture.”  And faster than they could react, Kat walked off the set. 

Kat was either really mad or just still emotional about the breakup.  Kat took to Twitter to express her feelings, “Dear GoodDayLA, thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning. Lack of compassion n respect for each other never fails to disappoint me.”   Jillian Reynolds, host of the show, defends her show by saying they were not told to avoid the topic of the breakup.  Plus, the clip they showed was provided by Kat’s own publicist.  Jillian tweeted Kat back, “Were we not supposed to mention you broke up?” 

I think Kat might be taking her aggression out on the wrong person.  The real question we all want to know is – what is she going to do with that tattoo of Jesse that she has on her body?  Marriage might not be forever, but a tattoo is!  Or at least they are a total pain to have removed! 

Any person interviewing Jesse or Kat is going to ask them about the breakup! Who are you siding with on this debate?  Let us know, comment below!

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3 Responses to “LA Ink’s Kat Von D Versus Good Day LA”

  1. kris Says:
    July 27th, 2011 at 10:49 pm

    i think kat von d is a b ig douch bag just like jessie james is! why is kat so surprise that he did this to her??? carma kat!!!

  2. kvdjj Says:
    July 27th, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    no one will notice the tattoo, hello has anyone noticed how many she has? duh? besides she should have took a sharpie to it in her promo shots. lastly, well put on another website once a cheater, etc. lovely that she thought it wouldn’t happen to her… whereas what did she think esp when America’s sweetheart got?! another hello! grip, get one!

  3. LJ Says:
    July 29th, 2011 at 6:08 am

    I didn’t watch the show last night because of the previews showing how “happy” she was and they got engaged. All I could think of is I coudn’t wait until they got divorced and they didn’t even make it to the alter. I laughed out so loud when I just now read this. What goes around comes around. It is obvious Jesse James has commitment issues. Guess Kat thought she was the one to cure him. NOT.


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