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Love In The Wild Recap: Switch Up The Couples

July 27, 2011 08:14 PM by Megan Thompson

On tonight’s episode of Love In The Wild it’s time to instigate some drama in the jungle by making the couples switch partners! As expected, certain teams are not happy about the mandatory switch. Keep reading to find out if anyone is excited to have a new partner. Plus, someone leaves the challenge in an ambulance!

The teams are definitely starting to feel more like couples!  Derek and Jess, Miles and Heather are definitely moving to a deeper level.  While, Brandee wonders if Ben likes her – he still hasn’t kissed her.

The Next Adventure:

It’s another race through the jungle with various obstacles to go through.  The teams are in a hunt for an idol.  But wait, the host has some announcements.  First, the winners of the adventure will not be given a guaranteed switch at the couple’s ceremony and they can also be up for elimination.  But the big surprise is that the couples must switch partners! 

The girls are completely caught off guard!  The guys are given the choice of which girl they want to pair up with.  Skip chooses Jessica, Ben pairs up with Samantha, Steele picks Heather, Derek selects Erica, Mike picks Theresa and Miles chooses Brandee!  Let the adventure begin!

The couples in the lead are Derek and Erica, Ben and Samantha.  Miles and Brandee are in last place.  The teams now must open the crates they carried and repel down a waterfall.  Derek and Erica are again in the lead and are first to repel down the waterfall.  Miles and Brandee are so far behind in the adventure there is no hope for them to catch up. 

Next the teams must carry a heavy idol up what looks like a hundred steps.  On the way up, Derek drops the idol right on his foot.  Jess, Derek’s former partner, finds him and is worried about his foot.  Derek tells her to go on with the race, putting Jessica in first place.  Jess and Skip decide they don’t want to go to the Oasis together, so they let Samantha and Ben win!  Derek continues on the race with his broken toe, placing third.  Mike and Theresa place fourth and Steele and Heather make fifth place.  Steele finally breaks the curse and doesn’t come in last place.  Miles and Brandee finish the race in last place.  Brandee gets jealous that Ben is at the Oasis because he won the race. 

Back to Derek’s foot injury.  Derek’s toe won’t stop bleeding, so he has to go to the hospital.  Jess tears up as the ambulance pulls away; she is genuinely concerned (and falling for) Derek. 

Aftermath Of The Adventure:

Ben and Samantha arrive at the Oasis.  Ben plans on stepping up his game to impress Samantha. Let the drinking begin!  Ben and Samantha pound some drinks at the pool bar – this could get interesting! Mike is not worried about Samantha at the Oasis, but Brandee is concerned.  Ben admits to Samantha that he doesn’t miss Brandee as much as she misses Mike.

 Back at the cabins the contestants have to pack up their bags and move in with their new partner.  Samantha and Ben decide to leave the Oasis and go hang out at the pool with the other couples.  Samantha runs right into Mike’s arms, while Ben ignores Brandee.  Poor Brandee leaves the pool crying, because Ben doesn’t acknowledge her.

Miles and Heather decide to spend some quality alone time together, because they fear it’s their last night. Jess is still worried about Derek who hasn’t returned from the hospital yet.  Miles chats with Brandee about Ben. 

The Next Day:

Brandee is still talking about Ben and what she is feeling for him.  Brandee is at “the end of her rope” from the rejection she feels from Ben.  The contestants start getting ready for tonight’s ceremony.  Miles is worried that he is headed home, since he came in last place during the challenge. 

Couple’s Choice Ceremony:

It’s that time, the couple’s choice ceremony.  Derek is still nowhere to be found, so the contestants ask about him.  The host, Darren McMullen, let’s the group know that Derek’s toe is broken and has a large cut. Due to the high chance of infection, he will not be returning to the jungle.  Really?  Wow – his toe injury didn’t look bad, so the chance of infection must be a legal issue!  Jess is heartbroken.  However, Derek does make an appearance at the ceremony to address the group.  Derek makes a very nice speech to Jess, letting her know that he likes her and invites her to LA.  Wow, quite impressed at Derek’s vulnerability. 

The ceremony must go on.  Samantha and Ben are up first.  Of course, Samantha chooses Mike.  Ben is now up and Brandee looks nervous.  Ben invites Brandee to be his partner again.  Brandee actually declines Ben’s invitation!  Brandee explains that she is tired of guessing how Ben is feeling.  Jess and Skip are up next.  Jess actually decides not to pick anyone, because Derek left.  Skip chooses his former partner Theresa.  Erica is up next and she and Steele are once again partners.  Heather is up next and she is surprised that she is not headed home.  Heather once again reunites with Miles.  Brandee is now left alone and decides to go to the unmatched area because she doesn’t want to choose a new partner.  Now since there are three people in the unmatched area, Ben gets to make a decision between Jess and Brandee.  If Ben doesn’t want to choose either partner they will all go home.  Ben pleads with Brandee to stay with him and she agrees.  Jess is left alone and ends up leaving the show.  Jess feels it’s her time to go, since Derek left as well. 

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