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Masterchef’s Alejandra Schrader Says She Would Do It All Again

July 27, 2011 08:18 AM by Lisa Princ

Last night on Fox‘s Masterchef, we witnessed sabotage gone wrong as Adrien tried to eliminate certain chefs with his pork cuts. In the end it was actually Alejandra Schrader, who had one of the better meat cuts, that was sent packing in an ironic twist of events. In an exclusive interview today, Alejandra says she would do it all over again! Keep reading to hear what else this sweet contestant wanted to share with us!

Masterchef fans watched one of this season’s fan favorites, Alejandra Schrader get the boot last night after she accidentally served the judges raw pork. But in an interview today, the 37-year-old former architect remained extremely positive about the show and her future! Take a look below at what she wanted to share with viewers and fans, and let us know if you think the judges made the right choice last night.

RTVM: You seemed very sincere last night, did you know that your pork was raw before you served it to the judges?

Alejandra Schrader: You know what happened was that I used the thermometer, and things were so hectic, I did not know. I actually seared the pork and then moved it to the oven, knowing I had about 12 minutes to get to the temperature I wanted. When I sliced the pork, I put it to the side as I was frantically trying to get my apricot sauce done and I did not even look at the pork. If I had, I could have chosen a piece closer to the end of the loin. It was a technical mistake and I admit that, as well as take full responsibility for that.

RTVM: Did you know that you would be eliminated after that?

Alejandra Schrader: You all had to have seen my face, I was devastated. I mean, I knew I made a crucial technical mistake, but there were others with awful dishes.

RTVM: Did you think that maybe Suzy should have gone home since she had what the judges called “the worst tasting dish in the history of Masterchef”?

Alejandra Schrader: Well, Suzy has had some amazing performances, but I thought at that point, when it was just she and I, that maybe I still had a chance. It’s all good though, I am very happy. I am glad it was just a technical error. I mean, the judges never questioned my flavors in the past.

RTVM: How tough was it to cook in the Masterchef kitchen?

Alejandra Schrader: When I cook at home I am in my zen place. I was definitely not there while cooking on the show, but I loved every minute of it and would do it all over again.

RTVM: What was the best part of the experience for you?

Alejandra Schrader: For me, it was just being there and the relationships that I formed. We have all gotten very close and we were all always there for each other. The best is…I guess is really what’s happening around me now. People trust me and believe in me and my cooking since I have the backing of such superstars (the judges).

RTVM: Can you tell us if Christian is as arrogant as he has been coming across on the show?

Alejandra Schrader: Everyone has been asking me that. Christian can be very abrasive, but I am used to that because that is how my friends are. What people don’t see is his huge heart. He came out of drugs, takes care of his son, has a new wife, and in fact, he just had another baby a few days ago. He really does have a good heart and one thing I will say about Christian is that he won’t stab you in the back – he tells it like it is. He always told me that I needed to stop being so nice, but that is just how my momma raised me.

RTVM: What is next for you?

Alejandra Schrader: Shortly after the show, I teamed up with Tracy, another former contestant, and we are working on our own private chef business. But we are hoping that it is part of a larger plan for us. I am also doing a lot of demos and empowering people to take charge of their lives and health through their kitchens.

Good luck to Alejandra and thank you for taking the time to chat with me today! Be sure to tune in next time for a brand new episode of Masterchef!

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