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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Lady Gaga Offers One Dancer A Job While Another Dancer Brings The House To Tears

July 27, 2011 07:34 PM by Lisa Princ

So You Think You Can Dance on Fox was back tonight with the top eight performances and a new group of All Stars. If that wasn’t exciting enough, Lady Gaga joined the panel tonight! Keep reading for all the highlights!

So You Think You Can Dance kicked off their top with the announcement that both Lady Gaga as well as Rob Marshall would be joining Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe this week on the panel. Then it was right into the performances, but how would the top eight do with a new set of All Stars?

Sasha Mallory
Sasha was up first tonight with her new partner, Pasha. The pair would be taking on a bizarre Jonathan Roberts Quickstep to “Putting on the Ritz.” It was definitely a great performance and Sasha is proving to be a real frontrunner this season.Rob started off by telling Sasha that she is one of his favorites, while Mary told her she loved it but she had to work on getting her knees softer but commended her for holding her upper body strongly. Nigel Lythgoe also said that Sasha is his favorite dancer and she put on a five star performance. Lady Gaga thought it was an interesting choice and that Sasha nailed it.

Caitlynn Lawson
Caitlynn was paired up with All Star Ivan tonight for a Marty Kudelka Hip Hop routine about a girl who is fed up with her man and then Ivan shows up. Ivan came out looking a bit like Justin Timberlake and Caitlynn really impressed with this routine as she had some moves up her sleeve that we haven’t seen before. Mary kicked off the judges by commending Ivan and telling Caitlynn how great she was. Nigel told her that she needed to get down a bit more and follow Ivan’s swagger, but he thought she stayed in character as well. Lady Gaga told Caitlynn that she was sexy while Rob said she needed to lose herself more in the dance.

Jordan Casanova
Jordan was up next on So You Think You Can Dance with her new partner, Ade. The couple would be taking on a hot Jazz number by Tyce Diorio. This performance was sexy and fun to watch, but did the judges love it as much as we did? Nigel started saying it was a fun routine and “badass” as Tyce earlier described it. Lady Gaga was in awe over Jordan’s legs as she gushed about the performance. Rob commended Tyce on the routine and then praised Jordan saying if he could scream like Mary Murphy, he would. Mary then started to scream and told Jordan that she just keeps getting better every week.

Melanie Moore
Melanie was paired up with Neil to tackle a Mandy Moore routine full of lifts. Wow, this routine was incredible as Melanie and Neil made every twist, turn and lift look effortless and they moved across the floor to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” After a standing ovation from the audience, Lady Gaga told Melanie that she was her favorite and she would hire Melanie tomorrow to dance on her tour! Rob called her “poetic” and “magic” while Mary was impressed by Melanie’s jump and went to add that the number itself should get an Emmy. Lady Gaga then started to gush about Melanie again telling her she would take Melanie with her. Nigel, the fickle man he is, changed his mind and told Melanie she was now his favorite dancer.

Ricky Jaime
Ricky was paired up with Anya tonight for a Jason Gilkison Jive, in which Jason started by telling us there was no story behind it. Anya looked gorgeous and this pair really rocked the stage with Anya tossing Ricky around. The crowd loved them and Rob kicked off by saying it was “out of this world” and went on to add that Ricky could dig in a little deeper. Mary was up next saying it was tough but she liked it, while Nigel said he felt Ricky was “too tall” in this routine. Lady Gaga loved him and said she couldn’t put her finger on it, but she loved how modern he felt like while she watched.

Jess LeProtto
Jess was up next with Lauren G. for a Tabatha and Napoleon routine about a cheating guy asking for forgiveness. It was a good performance, but I don’t think Jess stacked up to Lauren very well. But Mary loved it saying he was making progress and that he was really good. Nigel thought he was maturing and did not think it was overplayed like last week. Lady Gaga thought Jess was great and that he outperformed the props, while Rob said Jess was a star and he has been using the competition to grow.

Tadd Gadduang
Tadd performed with Lauren F. tonight to a Mandy Moore routine about a heist. The pair came out looking sleek as they danced to Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust.” The judges loved them with Nigel starting by telling Tadd how much he loved it and how amazed he was at how quick Tadd picks up the routines. Lady Gaga called it “impressive” and “amazing” while Rob loved that Tadd kept surprising everyone with all his moves. “Cool” is how Mary Murphy described it, comparing it to Michael Jackson moves and ending by telling Tadd he would be in the finale.

Marko Germar
Marko and his All Star partner, Allison were up next for a Sonya routine about the cruelty in the world today and the guilt over it leading to changes. The routine was beautiful and not only gave the pair a standing ovation, but had everyone in tears, including the judges and dancers. Lady Gaga expressed how proud of Marko she was as she was wiping away tears, claiming she can understand this story very well. Rob kicked off saying how amazing Allison was and went on to add what a great partnership this pair were. Mary struggled to fight back tears telling Marko how sincere and honest he was in his dance, ending with that Marko is her favorite dancer. Nigel ended by saying that impressed that Marko gave a shout out to his mother and he hopes others do the same.

Next up on So You Think You can Dance, the top eight were paired back up for a performance. Caitlynn and Tadd were up first with a Foxtrot which the judges thought was okay, but not their best performance. Marko and Ricky were then paired up for Tabatha and Napoleon number in which Nigel commented may land Ricky in the bottom this week, while the other judges thought it was fun.

Jordan and Jess took the stage next with a Jason Gilkison Rumba routine in what was the best one of the group yet, as far as the top eight couple performances anyway. The judges had mixed reviews on this one with Nigel not liking it, but Lady Gaga and Rob enjoyed it. Last up was Sasha and Melanie doing a Sonya Jazz routine which ended with Lady Gaga throwing her shoe at the stage. The judges loved this performance and it was one of the best of the evening!

On another note, we will be interviewing Choreographer Travis Wall tomorrow morning, so if you have any burning questions you would like for us to submit for you, comment and let us know!

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