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The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert Still Battling Insecurities in Fiji

July 27, 2011 07:48 AM by Candace Young

The stumbling block between Ashley Hebert and Brad Womack on last season’s The Bachelor was largely the issue of her insecurities. As The Bachelorette, Ashley’s self-doubts have resurfaced numerous times, and in her latest blog, she explains why they became an issue yet again as the remaining bachelors were pared to only two in Fiji

Ashley begins her People blog by talking about how excited she was for the opportunity to play out her love story in Fiji, a place she had heard was both a beautiful and romantic destination. What she didn’t know then is that her infamous insecurities would be triggered once again on the trip when the third contestant of the season opted to leave.

Taken aback by the return of Ryan in Fiji, Ashley admits she could understand where he was coming from, explaining, “When I said goodbye to Ryan, I felt uncertain about my decision and I think he sensed that. I can see how it just didn’t make sense because I never really voiced any true concerns with him.” After taking some time to consider things, and spending time with the other guys, Ashley realized she’d made the right decision the first time around and sent him packing again, but noted, “Saying goodbye a second time was not much different than the first. It broke my heart.”

Of her date with Ben, Ashley lets us know that what we didn’t see onscreen was their boat ride home. She says, “It was so romantic and he laid his head on my lap and we looked at the stars. It was a moment of clarity for both of us.” That clarity didn’t stop Ashley from having doubts later though.

When Constantine Tzortzis decided to walk, Ashley claims she wasn’t surprised given the lack of connection between them on the date, however, his departure had the unfortunate consequence of triggering her insecurities where remaining bachelors Ben and JP were concerned.  Ashley says Constantine’s late-in-the-game decision didn’t greatly upset her, but shares, “It only made me fear that if Constantine could be unsure about us this late in the process, could Ben or J.P. feel the same?”

Her date with JP, of course, was a kiss-filled beachy dream, but he still held back from telling her ‘I love you’, at least when the cameras were rolling. Ashley explains that the doubts that surfaced were the reason she chose to go ahead and have a rose ceremony even though it wasn’t necessary. Both men accepted roses.

Who do you think is the best match for Ashley – Ben or JP?

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One Response to “The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert Still Battling Insecurities in Fiji”

  1. Marilou Roberts Says:
    July 27th, 2011 at 9:05 am

    Ashley has alot of baggage she is carrying. She should have shed them or resolved them first before she signed up to become the season Bachelorette. She was dumped on National TV by Brad, Bentley also Dumped and insulted her behind her back, and Constantine also wasn’t into her. That is telling something. Bentley was also right when he said Ashley is too aggressive and forward which turned him off. She was the one who initiate or jump on the Guys. It is so unbecoming. She is not a lady. Ashley is not looking for a husband, She is looking for A father figure. Someone who will take care of her, comfort her and make her feel safe and secure.. J.P. is the right fit for her. Both of them are on the rebound. The can meet each other emotional and physical needs. And feed on each other insecurities. Both wanted to be the center of attention and self absorbed. They Match. Good luck.{ Rolling eyes} I wish them the best. IMo


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