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Big Brother 13 Recap: Fights Erupt Before Live Eviction

July 28, 2011 07:58 PM by Ryan Haidet

It didn’t take long for fireworks to ignite inside the Big Brother 13 house during tonight’s episode.  Everybody was fighting — especially over the plan Daniele had put together to backdoor Jeff this week.  With the live eviction looming, Dominic was taking a lot of heat for Daniele’s scheme.  Up against Adam for eviction, was Dominic able to save himself from elimination?  Read on to find out!

Daniele’s Feelings

Right after the Power of Veto Ceremony in which Brendon chose to keep the nominations the same, Daniele was angry.  She went right up to the Head of Household bedroom and expressed her feelings to Brendon and Rachel.  “Literally, I’m being honest, if Dominic goes home, I’m gonna be pissed,” she said.  “I’ve done nothing but help you guys in every single way — you two specifically in this house.  If he goes, I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ll be furious.”  Brendon snapped back saying it seemed like she was trying to threaten them.

Dominic’s Defense

Trying to get the truth out, Jeff asked Dominic to talk privately.  He wanted Dominic to admit that he was the brains behind the scheme to backdoor him this week.  When Dominic tried to defend himself, Jeff just shut him down.  It almost reminded me of a big bully picking on the new kid at school.  Dominic kept saying he was not the person who concocted the plan, but Jeff wasn’t having any of it.  He just kept demanding that Dominic tell the truth.

Later on in the day, Dominic went upstairs to the HoH bedroom where he found himself facing off against Jeff in front of Brendon and Rachel.  Jeff told Dominic that he was 100 percent safe with them until the idea of backdooring him popped up.  Since Dominic kept denying that he was the mastermind, Jeff asked him to name the person who was responsible.  Without even mentioning Daniele’s name, it was obvious that everybody already knew who the culprit was.  Jeff then called Dominic an accessory to trying to backdoor him, which makes him just as guilty.

Kalia’s Frustrations

In the Diary Room, Kalia said she felt like the veterans weren’t including her in the discussions this week despite the alliance she made with them early on.  When she approached Brendon in the backyard to ask him about the situation, he was instantly confrontational with her.  Brendon accused her of being a liar and said she’s done a great job playing both sides of the house.  Then he labeled her a floater.  After standing her own ground, Kalia tried to walk away from the fight when Brendon kept it going by telling her she can start doing her own dishes.  Kalia wasn’t taking his attitude and challenged him to say one more smart thing.  As she stormed back inside the house, she shouted out to everybody so they all knew what just happened.

House Meeting

“We’re gonna dish everything out,” Jordan said as they all gathered together for a house meeting.  The discussion started with Kalia saying she felt like she was friends with all of them, but not so much anymore.  Without taking much time at all, Jeff and Brendon attacked her for saying that all she did was betray them by running to her “boss” (Daniele).  Jeff said their plan to take him out got messed up, which left Kalia and Dominic taking most of the heat.  So instead of yelling at him, Jeff suggested that Kalia turn to yell at Daniele instead.  Kalia sympathetically said that Daniele is her friend and didn’t yell at her one bit.

Here’s where Rachel opened up her annoying mouth.  “Your friend will sell you out under the bus quicker than she can blink an eye,” she said as Daniele watched on quietly.  “Your friend will stab you in the back and send you out that door and not even vote for you, a pity vote; or shed a tear.  So I don’t know if that’s a friend, but that’s not the kind of friend I want to have.  Your friend doesn’t care about turning an alliance she made on day one against each other.”

Finally, Daniele jumped into the chatter by calling Rachel an idiot.  Naturally, Brendon defended Rachel and snapped at Daniele for making the comment.  Without backing down, Daniele admitted it was her idea to backdoor Jeff.  When he asked her for a reason, she said, “I saw you as my biggest threat in the house.  Period,” she said.

My Rant

I’ve never been big fans of Brendon or Rachel, but I really enjoyed watching Jeff and Jordan the first time they played the game.  I even liked watching them on the Amazing Race.  But something about Jeff is really getting on my nerves this season.  It seems like he went into the house with a chip on his shoulder.  He has acted like he’s better than everybody else in the game.  It’s actually pretty disgusting.  It’s almost like he thinks he’s so perfect that nobody should target him for elimination.  It was amazing for me to watch him be so nasty when people were simply playing the game around him.

Daniele is a better player than him.  She just got caught trying to take him out.  Jeff will never EVER win this game the way he plays it.  Sorry.  It’s true.  To act surprised that he was a consideration for elimination is ridiculous.  It’s a game where people get eliminated and betrayed.  Get over it.  Yes, I understand that he was in an alliance with Daniele and felt stabbed in the back.  But be more of a man about it, Jeff — not a seemingly arrogant “star” who doesn’t deserve to be on the bad side of somebody’s scheme.

Sorry, Jeff fans.  You have to admit that he’s acting like an untouchable prince.  It’s kind of pathetic.

Live Eviction

When it came time for the live eviction, Adam offered up a speech that came across like he knew he was safe.  Dominic, on the other hand, called some of the houseguests “spineless jellyfish.”  He went on to say that they are all collectively playing a terrible game.  That all came after he offered his thanks to each of them for getting to know him.

When the votes were made, everybody except Daniele chose to evict Dominic.  He rose to his feet when host Julie Chen made the announcement.  He had a smile on his face (it did look like he was fighting back tears for a moment) and gave everybody a big hug.  Dominic then tossed up a peace sign before walking outside to a wave of cheers from the studio audience.

In his exit interview, Dominic said his speech was done to light a fire within the newbies.  He said they were being spineless players who weren’t doing anything for themselves.

Endurance HoH

We’ve finally reached the end of the duo twist (thankfully) as each houseguest is now in the game as an individual.  The players with the Golden Keys are also back in the game without the safety net they’ve been enjoying.

For the HoH competition, each player was standing on skis that were attached halfway up a wall.  The last houseguest remaining on the skis would be the new HoH.  The skis then started swaying back and forth as fake Big Brother snow blew in their faces.

Who won HoH?  We’re not sure yet.  As of the time this article was published, the competition was still taking place.

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