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Project Runway: Tim Gunn Judges Jersey Shore Fashion

July 28, 2011 05:42 AM by Megan Thompson

project runway tim gunn judges jersey shore fashion
Tim Gunn, from Project Runway, appeared on Lopez Tonight and didn’t hide his feeling about what he thought of Snookie and her cast member’s fashion choices. I guess this means Mr. Gunn will not be buying Snooki’s pickle sandals! Keep reading to find out what Tim has to say and then let us know if you agree.

Yes, it’s official Tim Gunn will not be wearing tight clothing and fist pumping with the Jersey Shore cast anytime soon. Tim, who is the fashion advisor to the contestants on Project Runway, is known for his dapper dressing. Tim’s suits and ties are a far cry from the “less is more” style of the Jersey Shore cast.

Tim who was on the show to promote the new seaon of Project Runway couldn’t control himself when asked his opinion on the Jersey Shore fashion.  So what did Tim exactly say? Tim wasn’t hesitant to answer, “It’s all about the stretch material – the Spandex, the Lurex, the tightness, the skin, It’s vulgar! I’m sorry! ” Wow! I’m assuming Project Runway will not be asking Snookie to be a guest judge anytime soon!

But Tim couldn’t control himself when he talked about Snookie’s clothing; he actually compared her thought process to a monkey! He slams Snookie by saying, “In the case of say, a Snooki, she looks at herself in the mirror for the first time in that getup and says, ‘Oh my god. Can I really go out in this?’ And then 20 minutes later, she’s still looking at herself and she thinks, ‘I don’t look so bad.’ At the monkey house, it would be, ‘Oh it doesn’t smell so bad anymore.’ Though when you first walk in it stinks, and after 40 minutes it doesn’t smell at all, and that’s when Snooki leaves the house.”

I wonder what Snookie will think of his “Monkey House At The Zoo Theory?” I think Snookie will want to take Tim to the Jersey Shore, do some shots, take him tanning and give him a makeover.

Do you agree with Tim? Let us know what you think of the Jersey Shore cast fashion, comment below!

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2 Responses to “Project Runway: Tim Gunn Judges Jersey Shore Fashion”

  1. lisaprinc Says:
    July 28th, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    OMG Tim is hysterical, totally agree with him 100%!

  2. nancy Says:
    August 31st, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    I am with Tim on this one. What a mess all of them


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