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So You Think You Can Dance: Travis Wall Exclusive Interview

July 28, 2011 04:31 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance recently snagged eight Emmy nominations, including one incredibly choreographed routine by Travis Wall, in which he honored his mom and her struggle with breast cancer. Today, I was lucky enough to speak with Travis about the nomination, the show, and his future projects! Read on for more…

Travis Wall has been dancing since a very young age, and a few years ago we watched this talented young dancer perform on So You Think Can Dance’s second season, in which he earned the runner up spot. A few years later, at only 23 years old, Travis Wall is up for an Emmy for his choreographed routine “Fix It,” which we watched last season. The routine shot us in the heart when we learned that it was in honor of his mother, who was fighting breast cancer, and it ended up being one of the best routines of all time on the show. Travis took some time today to chat about his Emmy nomination, among other things in our exclusive interview. Check it out below.

RTVM: Congratulations on your Emmy nomination, how are you feeling about all this?

Travis Wall: I am very excited. Of course, all you do is talk about it. I am only 23 years old so this is awesome. We’ll see what happens next.

RTVM: What did you mother think when she saw the performance of “Fix It”?

Travis Wall: My mom was messed up on medication at the time from her double mastectomy. She actually had it five times – she had it, then she got an infection and they had to keep cutting off more. She watched it a few times the next day and then reacted to it.

RTVM: If I may ask, how is she doing now?

Travis Wall: As of March, she is cancer free. In August she will be having reconstructive surgery, which is more dangerous than the last surgery. She didn’t do too well with the last surgery so I am nervous. I am hoping that she will recover quickly enough to accompany me to the Emmy Awards show.

RTVM: We have already seen some great routines choreographed by you this season on So You Think You Can Dance, how many more can we expect?

Travis Wall: Unfortunately, I have to tell you that I will not be on the remainder of the season. At first, they had me booked for the top 6 and the finale, but I had to cancel those with the movie (Step Up Four) that I had been waiting on dates for. They told me that I needed to be in Miami on the 1st of the month for 2 months so I could not do anymore choreographing on the show. It stinks because I had two new concepts that I wanted to do this season, but you will just have to wait until next season to see them.

RTVM: Rumor has it that you have a new reality series coming out. Is that true? And if so, can you tell us some more about it?

Travis Wall: Yes, I do. I actually have a conference call with World Of Wonder later today as they are producing it. It will have me and some of my best friends, but right now some shit is going down with one of my friends, that I can’t really talk about. The show will go on as planned though, we are waiting to find out which network it will be on. It will be about four guys, all up and coming dancers and choreographers that live together and their daily lives. It will be different as it will feature two gay guys and two straight guys, showing how hard we all work and giving people an idea of how the choreography world goes.

RTVM: What other projects are you working on?

Travis Wall: Well, I will be in Miami choreographing for 2 months for “Step Up Four.” Then I will head back to L.A. as I am getting calls about all sorts of things. I am excited about the future, although I am pulling myself in several different directions. I got on So You Think You Can Dance, which was a dream of mine to be a choreographer there, and then I was asked to choreograph the VMA’s. Since then, everything is popping up at once for me and while I wish I could do everything, I can only do so much.

RTVM: Wow, do you ever get any down time?

Travis Wall: Yes…when I do, I like to hang at home with friends. I find time for me, I don’t sleep all that much, but I usually make it up when I can.

RTVM: Do you still dance?

Travis Wall: I dance in my own projects and pieces. I mean, if Wade called me up and asked me to dance for him, I would, but with my body issues, I am stepping away from it more. I have hip issues and I knew that I would no longer be dancing by the age of 25, so that is why I began getting involved in choreography. I knew I wanted to keep my career in dance, so I changed my game a bit. It’s funny, but I do not like watching myself dance, I have so many insecurities about my body.

RTVM: What do you think of the performances this season to your routines on So You Think You Can Dance?

Travis Wall: Some of them were rocky, while some of them were really good. I really seem to do a good job with some contestants. I make the routines to cater to their strengths and their body. My goal is to make sure that whoever is doing my routine, gets through to the next week. It’s a very custom and hands on process for me. I just have to add that Melanie, oh my, she is just amazing and I was in shock with how well she did in my routine the very first week.

RTVM: Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans?

Travis Wall: Just keep looking out for me, I am always updating my database!

Thank you to Travis Wall for taking the time to chat with me today. Best of luck at the Emmys, we will be pulling for you!

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Photo Credit: Cory Jones

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2 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: Travis Wall Exclusive Interview”

  1. Blake J Says:
    July 29th, 2011 at 8:08 am

    I hope the show goes on without a hitch, as I would love to see more of Travis.
    I hope Dom guests on at least some of the episodes.

  2. Liz Says:
    April 10th, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    The name of Wall’s emmy nominated piece was not “Fix It”, but “Fix You”. The Coldplay song it was set to is also named “Fix You”.


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