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Platinum Hit Recap: Who Is Going To The Finale Next Week?

July 29, 2011 06:06 PM by Lisa Princ

Bravo‘s Platinum Hit was back tonight as the final four battled it out for a spot in next week’s finale! But with Pop music, Perez Hilton, Taio Cruz, and a bunch of High School students, who would crack under the pressure? Keep reading to find out which three contestants will be headed to next week’s finale!

Platinum Hit kicked off tonight with the remaining four contestants: Nick Nittoli, Scotty Granger, Jes Hudak and Sonyae Elise, all vying for a spot in the finale. In the guy’s dorm, Nick tells Scotty that he feels that Jes does not belong in the finale, and I tend to agree with him. However, in the girl’s dorm, Jes tells Sonyae that she is “bringing the dark” this week – whatever that meant! When it’s time for their hook challenge, Jewel introduced Perez Hilton, aka the queen of media, who then told the final four that they would need to write a Pop hook this week.

Surprisingly, none of the Pop hooks were very good. I was very disappointed in Nick’s, as I thought his would be great, but it wasn’t – hopefully he can pull it together for the song. Nick actually landed in fourth place this week with his “Hanson” sound, while Jes landed in third. Ironically, both Nick and Jes wrote hooks that had hidden messages about the competition. Scotty had a great melody, but his title was just weird, as he called his hook “DJ have my babies.” Sonyae’s hook was okay, and the judges thought it would good enough to land her in second place, giving Scotty the first place spot!

This time on Platinum Hit, the songwriters did not have to work in teams, instead they would be writing their song on their own. Before they started to write, Jewel brought in a group of cheerleaders, who were representing Santa Monica High School, whose entire student body would be judging their songs this week. And if that was not enough, the High School students would also be picking the winner, who would automatically be in the finale.

During their songwriting session, Nick decided to change his song altogether, while Scotty decided that he needed a different title since this was going to be judged by teenagers. Sonyae realized that she need to make her song fresh enough for teens, while Jes was just determined to prove that she could write a hit Pop song. All four of them were visited by Kara DioGuardi, who gave them each some critique and advice on the songs they were writing.

As the contestants settle into The High School, Taio Cruz was spotted with the judges, making him the guest judge this week. The songwriters did not perform this week, instead their songs were played for the students. Nick’s song titled “My Mistake” definitely made an improvement from the hook we heard earlier and the students seemed to like it. Jes also improved her song from what we had heard earlier, and both Scotty and Sonyae’s songs sounded much better when they were complete. The students seemed to get up and dance to all the songs. All of the songs were good, I am so glad I am not a judge on the show.

When it was time to face the judges, Sonyae Elise was given the great news that her song was chosen by the teenagers, and she was going to finale! The judges did not quite understand Scotty’s title, but they were all impressed with his tune. Jewel told Nick that these were her favorite lyrics from him, but his melodies were not strong. Jewel then gave Jes the news that she was thrilled with how much Jes grew in one week. Scotty Granger was the next contestant given a spot in the finale next week!

With only Nick Nittoli and Jes Hudak left, Jewel announced that Jes Hudak would be moving on to the finale next, with what was another shocker! Nick Nittoli was eliminated and would be going home this week. Wow is all I can say right now. Did the judges get it right this week? I want to hear your thoughts! Be sure to tune in next week for the finale!

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2 Responses to “Platinum Hit Recap: Who Is Going To The Finale Next Week?”

  1. John J Says:
    July 30th, 2011 at 1:04 am

    No, the judges were wrong. I guess for Bravo’s demographic, they had to keep a white girl in the competition. Otherwise, Jess would have been gone for sure. Her song was terrible, and so were many recent songs by her. This show seems obviously rigged by Bravo and/or the producers…which explains the shockers.

    I think audiences can tell…thus, Platinum’s very low cable ratings…

  2. JaniceR Says:
    August 1st, 2011 at 12:55 am

    Personally I feel Sonyae is weak in early stages sure she can sing but she rely on others for music instrument and compiling the song. She acts more like a true singer than just to be in a songwriter competition. Throughout the season Nick is a moody dark horse who should be kick off much earlier. But then there won’t be any controversy to get people to watch. I believed Johnny would be in finals instead he got kick off way too early.


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