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Big Brother 13 Recap: The Most Critical Head Of Household Competition Yet

July 31, 2011 06:37 PM by Ryan Haidet

We left off last week with a cliffhanger episode as the houseguests on Big Brother 13 were competing for the power of Head of Household — and the most crucial one so far.  With her back against the wall, Daniele was motivated to win because she knew that everybody except Kalia would target her for elimination if she lost.  Was Daniele able to pull off a victory?  Plus, find out who has been nominated for eviction.

Snowy HoH Competition

In case you forgot, or missed last Thursday’s episode, the HoH challenge was an endurance battle.  The houseguests were standing on skis that were attached to a wall, which tilted forward and back to make it steeper.  The first five houseguests who fell out of the challenge, had to select a snow ball with something inside.

Here’s how it all played out:

  • Adam was the first person to drop out after just nine minutes.  His snow ball revealed that he will be wearing an elf costume for the entire week.
  • Lawon dropped at the 19-minute mark.  His snow ball made him a Have-Not for the week.
  • Even though Rachel was cheering for Brendon, he couldn’t hang on for more than 35 minutes.  After he dropped out of the battle, he chose a snow ball that also made him a Have-Not for the week.
  • At 51 minutes, Jeff was having a rough time since his muscles were getting shaky.  He decided to drop out next, which landed him $10,000 from the snow ball he selected.
  • Jordan jumped off at 57 minutes.  Her snowball made her a Have-Not for the week.
  • At 1 hour and 16 minutes, Porsche was out.  Since she was the sixth person to drop out, she didn’t have the option to choose a snow ball.
  • Although Shelly looked like she was enjoying the competition and kept making it seem as if she could make it the entire night, she dropped out after 1 hour and 26 minutes.
  • Kalia and Daniele were thrilled with their success and smiled from ear to ear as the veterans watched with disgust from below.  Realizing that Daniele wasn’t going to target her for elimination, Kalia chose to drop out of the competition after 1 hour and 37 minutes.  With that, Daniele was back in the game with the ultimate power for the week as HoH.

One other thing to note about the challenge was the disgusting comments from Brendon.  While in the Diary Room, Brendon said Kalia was only good in that competition because it involved minimal movement.  He also said she had an advantage because she used her muffin top for support.  This is why America can’t stand you, Brendon.  It just proves he’s a sore loser.

On The Other Side

Jeff and Jordan went up to the HoH bedroom to chat with Daniele in a situation that she immediately labeled as “awkward.”  Trying to cement her safety next week, Daniele promised them that her decisions last week were not personal — she was just trying to play the game.  Simply strategic.  Then, Daniele told Jeff and Jordan she would not go after them this week if they could promise her safety next week.  They basically agreed to her proposal.

Special Report

In the middle of a commercial break, a CBS special report interrupted Big Brother.  President Obama issued a statement to announce that a debt deal had been reached.

Going Elf Crazy

After that break, we returned to Big Brother (without any segments being cut) as Adam was called into the Diary Room so he could be suited up in his elf costume.  He excitedly ran out to show all of the houseguests how goofy he looked.  Jeff said all of the visions he had of elves while he was growing up never included one like Adam who chain smokes.

Asking For Safety

Upstairs in the HoH bedroom, Brendon and Rachel offered forgiveness to Daniele for everything that happened last week.  They asked her to return to their initial alliance and to push aside the events that caused so much drama.  “There’s no reason to take each other out,” Rachel said.  “There’s no reason to not work together.”

But it was all for nothing.  At the Nomination Ceremony, Daniele nominated Brendon and Rachel for eviction.  Daniele said it was not personal — just game.  Although he wasn’t nominated, Jeff still felt as if there was a backdoor plan in motion.  As the credits were ready to roll, the episode closed with Brendon saying he wanted to win the Power of Veto so he could pull Rachel off the block.

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