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Food Network Star Recap: Food and Laughter

July 31, 2011 07:19 PM by Megan Thompson

It’s no laughing matter on tonight’s episode of Food Network Star, oh wait it is!  A few celebrity comedians stop by the Food Network to roast the remaining five contestants.  Keep reading to find out which chefs can take the comedic heat and which chef is sent home.

Camera Challenge:

The contestants are still in the Big Apple and they are headed to the famous Chelsea Market.  The chefs have one hour to visit and taste all the different foods at the market, then decide which food they like best.  The camera challenge will then be to tape a two minute segment of, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” directed by Bobby Flay. 

Up first to the camera challenge is Susie. Susie doesn’t do a good job describing her experience with the food, but rather just lists the ingredients. Vic is talking about chicken parmesan and does just an average job. The sandwich guy, Jeff, does a great job describing a Reuben.  The food writer, Mary Beth should have this challenge in the bag.  She describes a crepe perfectly and Bobby lets her know she did a great job! Last up is Whitney who is also describing a crepe.  Whitney’s performance is lackluster compared to Mary Beth’s.  The obvious top two in this challenge are Jeff and Mary Beth, but Bobby declares Jeff the winner. 

Star Challenge:

Bobby announces the star challenge.  Each chef will be assigned a certain protein that they will have to roast.  Since Jeff was the winner of the challenge he gets to assign the meat to each contestant.  The contestants head to the butcher to get their meats!

The next day they contestants meet up with Bobby Flay and he reveals the surprise in this challenge.  Not only will the contestants be roasting meat, the chefs will be roasted by a panel of professional comedians. Judy Gold and Louie Anderson are part of the panel.

Vic enters the dining room first and is serving the judges an enormous piece of prime rib.  The panel loves the taste of his dish. The judge’s question the “Vic Vegas” exterior and feel he should go with his internal side of mama’s boy.  Mary Beth is frightened by this challenge because she has never roasted a duck before.  Let’s see how she did!  The judges think Mary Beth comes off as too academic but they love her food.  Jeff is next to enter the dining room and is serving an Italian beef sandwich.  The panel enjoys Jeff and they feel he has the “it” factor.  Susie who has doubted herself is up next and is serving a spiced leg of lamb. The judges love her flavorful dish and her infectious personality.  Last up is Whitney who is making a pork dish.  Again, the judges feel that Whitney lacks any star power.  The comics were very easy on the chefs, let’s see if the judges are more critical during evaluation. 

Evaluation and Elimination:

It’s judging time! The judges address Susie and they feel she has great raw talent.  Bob feels that Susie has a wonderful personality, he actually seems quite smitten by her.   On the other hand, Bob feels that Whitney hasn’t showed all of her personality.  Bobby also agrees that Whitney needs to pump up her personality, but her food is wonderful.  Vic is praised for his mama’s boy personality and his wonderful prime rib.  Susie tells Jeff that he was confident in the presentation and that he did an overall great job. Bob then turns to Mary Beth and tells her she needs to be more “user friendly” in her presentation.  The judges announce the top three chefs of the week; Jeff, Susie and Vic.  But once again, Jeff is chosen as the top winner in this challenge.  This leaves Mary Beth and Whitney to fight it out for a spot in the final four. Bob announces that Mary Beth is safe, so it is Whitney who is leaving the show.  Whitney feels it wasn’t her time to go, but that the show has lit a fire in her to continue cooking.       

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