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The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All Recap

July 31, 2011 08:29 PM by Candace Young

Chris Harrison opens this edition of The Men Tell All by saying Ashley Hebert has had one of the most controversial seasons of The Bachelorette. The drama kicked off with Drunk Tim passing out on her, and then there was The Mask, and who could forget dastardly Bentley WilliamsAshley Hebert is currently down to the last two hopefuls – Ben F and JP – and tonight it’s time to hear from the guys she sent home…

Using show footage, Chris recaps Ashley’s feelings on some of the most memorable guys such as Tim, Jeff, William, Ryan, and naturally, Bentley.

Next, Chris talks about the moments we didn’t see. It turns out JP broke the entertainment center in Ashley’s suite on their first date while trying to play a movie, there were hilarious individual dance auditions in Vegas, Mickey chose wine in mid-air wearing a harness made for a woman, a dog peed on Ashley and Constantine’s special lantern, Ashley freaked out over a dish made of larvae and crickets, and an embarrassing toe cramp ruined a tai chi lesson.

Chris introduces a sneak peek of Bachelor Pad 2. It looks like a lot of crying and cat fights. Oh, and I saw Jackie Gordon kissing Ames Brown.  As expected, there is plenty of drama surrounding Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka. Competitors Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego, Michelle Money, and Kasey Kahl are in the audience tonight.

The guys are now introduced for the Men Tell All portion of the show. They all seem to be there except Bentley and of course Ben F and JP.  Chris joshes with Drunk Tim, who jokes that he remembers almost nothing from leaving inebriated the first night – he laughs that he’s more like a fan of the show now!  The conflict between Tim and Jeff ‘The Mask’ is highlighted.

Next, the spotlight’s on Ryan, and how his cheerful nature irritated the other guys.  William also gets the treatment – some found him overbearing – and the two-on-one date where he got Ben C sent home is shown again.  Chris turns it over to the guys, who call William out on what he did to Ben C, saying he didn’t do it to protect Ashley, he did it to undercut him. William defends himself, but Constantine points out that William was in a hole after Vegas and he just dug it deeper.

Ryan expresses how surprised he was at the negative reaction to his personality. He does admit to being over-excited at times. Lucas tells him it felt like he was putting on a show.  Nick wonders why they would attack him for his personality.

Jeff tries to explain why he wore the mask. Someone hollers that it was stupid, but again, Nick defends the guy, pointing out that many of them had a gimmick. Tim takes the opportunity to apologize for being so rude to Jeff about the mask, but insists it did freak him out.

William joins Chris in the ‘hot seat’ and they look back at his journey on The Bachelorette, including his awful comedy roast that left Ashley in tears. Chris notes that William couldn’t even watch the footage. He says it’s embarrassing and it hurts to see himself act like that.  William wants Ashley to know that he thinks she’s a great girl and he’s happy she’s found love.

Ryan takes his turn in the hot seat and Chris rolls his footage from the show. Ryan struggles with his emotions watching the scene where Ashley lets him go.  Blake questions him being so devastated, and thinks he wanted love, not necessarily Ashley. Ryan explains how he read books to get ready for The Bachelorette. The other guys grimace.

Ames is the next to sit in the hot seat. He gets a huge response from the crowd. Ames beams. They look at his footage, including the boxing scene where he ended up taking an ambulance to the hospital.  After, Ames explains that he took things slowly with Ashley because he wanted it to last forever. He says the experience made him a better person.  Chris gives Ames a gift – it’s the pink boxing gloves!  Chris mentions that Ames has joined the cast of Bachelor Pad 2.

The issue of The Bachelorette’s worst villain – Bentley Williams – is addressed next. His footage is shown.  Chris comments that it’s still tough to watch. He adds that they worked hard to get Bentley to appear tonight, but he declined.  The guys air their grievances about Bentley, calling it a terrible display of humanity. Blake thinks he’s narcissistic. Chris asks Michelle Money to join him to talk about the text messages she sent Ashley to warn her about Bentley.  She explains that the information she was given was valid enough and hurtful enough to pass it along. Michelle wonders now if she had withheld the information, if Ashley would have felt so drawn to him.

Ashley comes on to talk to Chris Harrison in the hot seat. She says the hardest part of the journey was the way people reacted to what happened with Bentley, being called an ugly duckling, and the negativity in the press. She becomes emotional.

Ryan tells her that now that he sees the connection she has with the final two guys, he gets what was missing from their relationship. Drunk Tim takes the opportunity to apologize to Ashley, who is thrilled to see him there.

Deanna Pappas, Jason Mesnick, and Ali Fedotowsky join Ashley and Chris for a discussion on what it’s like to be The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Ali says Ashley’s insecurities resonate with her. Jason talks about trying to forget about what the audience is thinking and focus on the process. Ashley says she’d do it all over again. Jason jokes about Deanna dumping him. Ali tells Ashley she handled Bentley the only way she could since she had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. Deanna says she was so happy when Ashley parted ways with Bentley in Hong Kong.  Everyone watches a blooper reel, and then Ashley says she’s currently very, very happy.

Footage is shown of JP and Ben to take a closer look at them before the finale, as well as a sneak peek of the finale, including Ashley’s conflict with her sister, who speaks out against JP.

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