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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Communication Is The Key

August 01, 2011 06:48 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen was back tonight with a brand new episode, but as some of the chefs found that communication was the key, others failed to see it. The burning question remains though – would the teams make it through service this week without getting kicked out of the kitchen? Read on for all the highlights!

Hell’s Kitchen was back tonight with another drama filled hour for us on Fox. The drama of last week continued at the start of the show with Elise going off on all the girls – big shocker there, huh? Then the chefs were surprised when the walked into Hell’s Kitchen and saw what looked like a science fair set up. Gordon Ramsay joined them, along with Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche of Chicago‚Äôs Moto Restaurant. Homaro and Ben are very scientific chefs and they did a demonstration for the contestants, which consisted of making a sorbet by using nitrogen.

After the demonstration, Gordon Ramsay gave the chefs their challenge of cooking with the basics. The chefs would each have to prepare a meat dish with nothing more than water and fire; they could only cook by either boiling, poaching or steaming. Right off the bat the communication was lacking as Gina failed to tell Krupa that she was cooking the chicken. Pissed, Krupa grabbed what she thought was veal, although it was really a filet, and she began to cook it, not realizing what it was. Over in the blue kitchen, Monterray was having a cooking issue of his own, as he was just wasting time trying to decide what to do with his prawns.

When it was time to present the dishes to Gordon and the chefs from Moto, the ladies were asked to choose one dish to eliminate since they had an extra one. They all decided that Carrie’s dish would not be put up as Elizabeth’s prawn dish tasted much better – at least that is what they said. It seemed to go neck in neck between the teams, but Gordon was disgusted when he watched Monterray try to serve his ridiculous prawn “eggs benedict” with prawns that were hard as a rock. Even more baffling was the fact that Elizabeth’s prawn dish was not that good either, and when Gordon asked to taste Carrie’s, it was decided that Carrie’s should have been put up.

And just when you thought Gordon Ramsay could not get any more pissed off, he did! Krupa honestly believed that she had cooked veal, but when Gordon tasted her dish he knew it was a filet and not the veal. Disgusted, he ranted at the red team because no one caught on to this error. Though the teams ended in a tie, Gordon awarded the win to the blue team. The guys and Natalie got to spend the day at the spa, while the ladies had to clean the hot tub, fountain, and then prep for dinner service that night!

So, did the teams make it through dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen this week without getting kicked out? Sort of. While, the entire teams did not get thrown out, Gordon did his fare share of tossing individuals out of the kitchen. The service got off to a disastrous start when Krupa could not get a grip on the appetizers station for the red team, while Gina and Elise were having major communication issues. On the blue team, things were not going any better in the way of communication as Tommy and Monterray could not get it together.

After too many failed attempts at appetizers, Gordon finally had enough and kicked Krupa out of the kitchen, followed by Tommy and Monterray. But it didn’t end there, when Gina was still failing to communicate with Elise, he gave both of them the boot as well. Luckily, the remaining team members held it together and pushed out dinner service. At the end of the service, Gordon told the teams that neither team was safe and that they needed to each choose two members up for elimination.

When it was elimination time on Hell’s Kitchen, the guys chose to send up Monterray and Tommy, while the ladies chose to send Elise and Krupa. After they all pleaded their cases, Gordon Ramsay had his own choice for elimination – Gina! Gordon was fed up with Gina Melcher’s failure to communicate, and in the end it earned her a ticket out of Hell’s Kitchen. Do you think Gordon Ramsay made the right choice? Comment and share your thoughts with us!

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