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Masterchef Recap: The Dreaded Souffle Ends In A Shocker

August 01, 2011 08:14 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week we watched sabotage go wrong on Fox‘s Masterchef and tonight the remaining eight contestants will battle in out by cooking for kids. But when it comes to the pressure test this week, four contestants end up dealing with the dreaded souffle, and you won’t believe how this one ends! Read on for the highlights!

Masterchef was back tonight with the remaining eight contestants preparing to do battle once again! Gordon Ramsay announced that tonight’s team challenge would be cooking a “burger and fries” type of meal for children, but they would not be able to use beef or potatoes! The two best dish winners from last week, Christian and Christine, would be the team captains this week. Christian chose Derrick, Jennifer and surprisingly, Adrien for his team. Meanwhile, Christine chose Ben, Suzy and Tracy for her team.

Both teams decided on different dishes for this challenge as Christian’s blue team went with a turkey burger and apple slices with caramel. Christine’s red team cooked up a “chicken nugget” slider, or what was actually a breaded chicken patty with fried corn nuggets on the side. Christian’s team members were immediately frustrated with him and his lack of listening to their reasoning on anything, while Christine’s team seemed to get along well, except that they were a bit slower in getting their food out.

When the judges stopped by for a quick preview of the menus, they were worried that Christine’s burger and corn nuggets were both too dry. On the blue side, Gordon pointed out the chunks of sugar in the caramel sauce, due to Christian’s lack of tasting, but of course he denied it was his fault. A few moments later, both teams were bombarded with hungry kids, but the red team could not get enough burgers out, leaving the children chanting for burgers.

At the end of the challenge on Masterchef, the children were given Masterchef gifts and then asked to move by the team that they thought had the best meal. It looked as though the teams were pretty even with children, and it was so close that the judges had to take a head count. After counting, the winner was revealed to be the red team of Christine, Ben, Suzy and Tracy! Christian just shook his head in disbelief – could he get anymore arrogant? That meant that Christian’s team was facing elimination after the pressure test.

When it was time for the pressure test on Masterchef, Gordon announced that the chefs would be making the dreaded souffle! After asking Christian who he thought were the weakest on his team, he actually admitted that he was, along with Jennifer. But then Gordon told them that all four of them would have to compete in this one. Derrick began to worry as he thought he was the weakest one for this challenge, but everyone seemed to think Christian was going home on this challenge….well, except for Christian, that is!

During the pressure test, Christian and Jennifer got into a heated battle of the words, slamming each other non stop. When Christine’s team cheered Jennifer on about her souffle, Christian commented to them as well – at this rate, Christian is going to have no friends left! Meanwhile, Adrien and Derrick were solely focused on their souffles, but Derrick was the only one who made two batches in an effort to perfect the first one.

Christian pulled his out of the oven and immediately served it, followed by Adrien and Jennifer. Derrick waited until the last minute to make sure that his second batch was complete before serving it. The judges made no comments while tasting any of them, but we all know how tough a perfect souffle is to make. First up, the judges sent Jennifer back to safety. Then Derrick really panicked, until Gordon told him that he was also safe, followed by Adrien.

Was Christian worried at this point? He didn’t look it, and it turned out that he didn’t need to be, as he was also sent to safety as the judges commended the four of them on some awesome souffles! No one would be going home tonight, but rest assured someone will get sent home tomorrow!

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