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The Bachelorette Season Finale Recap: I Can’t Fight This Feeling

August 01, 2011 07:14 PM by Candace Young

After The Men Tell All last night on ABC, the only thing left is for Ashley Hebert to reveal if she’s fallen in love. Tonight, she’s in Fiji ready to make her choice between Ben and JP on The Bachelorette season finale. First, the guys will have to meet her family, who are waiting for Ashley on Fiji. They share a squealing, huggy reunion before Ashley tells them about the guys, saying they will be meeting JP first today…

Ashley tells her family that she’s fallen in love. Her sister, Chrystie, warns that she’d better like the guy or there’s something wrong. Her parents nod in agreement.

JP meets the family

JP wants to make a good impression on Ashley’s family – he’s hoping they will see how happy they make each other. Ashley kisses him and then takes him to meet her mother, stepfather, sister, and brother.  JP sits down and talks about how skeptical he was about the process, but their first date blew him away. He also talks about how much his family loved Ashley. They sit down to a meal and mom makes a toast welcoming JP to the family.

Ashley goes to pow-wow with her mother and sister. Chrystie immediately tells Ashley she doesn’t think they’re right for each other – she thinks Ashley is too young and too much for JP. Ashley cries – she’s disappointed that Chrystie would jump to that conclusion without even speaking to him. Ashley goes to tell her brother what Chrystie said – he’s appalled. Her stepfather also tells her it’s her life and to trust her own opinion.

JP meets with Chrystie, who tells him she’s skeptical about their relationship. JP is taken off guard. She asks what it is about Ashley that could make him propose. JP tells Chrystie that he smiles the whole time he’s with her and is in love with her. Chrystie tells him he’s older than Ashley and she wonders what he wants with her younger sister – she’s too much for him. JP protests – she’s not too much for him. Chrystie tells him that she saw more of Ashley’s true self when she brought Brad home. JP wants to change her mind, but she tells him she doesn’t think that’s possible.

JP is upset that she is making such a hasty judgement and could ruin things. Later, JP tells Ashley how concerned he is, and admits it stung that Chrystie said she saw more with Brad. Ashley tries to tell him not to worry, but he says of course he will. JP tells the camera that he’s in love with Ashley, but if she’s questioning her feelings at this point, well, he doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with him.

Ben meets the family

Before her family meets Ben, Ashley takes Chrystie aside because she’s afraid she’ll say something inappropriate to him as well.  Ashley tells her that JP was defeated before he even had a chance.  Ashley finally tells her sister she’s straight up being a bitch.

Ben arrives and Ashley takes him to meet her family, but she’s nervous. Chrystie watches intently as they talk about their dates. Ashley tells them that Ben’s family isn’t as fun and goofy as he is, but the visit went well.  Ben makes everyone laugh.

Chrystie takes Ben aside and says she needs to make sure that he’s in love with Ashley. Ben tells her it feels right, and later confirms that he’s in love with her. Chrystie tells him she noticed how much fun they have together, but she worries whether they can maintain that over the long term. Ben tells her he’s confident.

Later, Ben tells Ashley that everything went well. Ashley loves Ben’s zest for life, but she can’t forget how she feels about JP – it’s something special that could last a lifetime.

Ben’s date

Ashley meets Ben for their last date. They begin with a helicopter ride which takes them to a healing natural mud bath – they get in and rub mud all over each other – both find it erotic.

When Ashley joins Ben for the evening portion of the date in his suite, he tells her they have romantic things to discuss.

After a toast, she calls him out, saying he seems to have a lot on his mind. He shares that he got her family’s permission to propose and is in love with her. They kiss a lot, and Ben seems to think it’s passionate.

JP’s date

Ashley greets JP by calling, “Hi Babe!” They sit to talk, and JP says he doesn’t understand her sister’s judgement when she didn’t even give them a chance. They agree that they work, regardless of whether they can explain it to anyone else.  JP assures her that he wants as dynamic relationship as she does.  JP says he told her family something that he hasn’t told her – he’s madly in love with her. She kisses him and strokes his hand. They go down to the beach and make out as he takes off her sarong.

That evening, JP pours wine and they go to the bed. JP gives her a gift, saying it’s something he wrote for her. It’s the first page in a book and he writes that it’s the first chapter in their life together. It says how much he loves her. He tells her if she chooses him they’ll fill up the rest of the chapters together.

Rose Ceremony day

As Ashley ponders how difficult it will be to say goodbye to a man who is not expecting it. Ben and JP visit with the jeweler and both pick out engagement rings.  JP still seems to be nervous about whether or not Ashley will break his heart, but Ben appears totally confident that he will be Ashley’s choice.

In her gown, Ashley makes her way into position on a boardwalk surrounded in tropical blooms on the beach.

Ben Proposes

Ben gets off a seaplane and shakes hands with Chris. Ben is totally confident that Ashley will say yes when he proposes. He’s excited to add a new member to his family. Ben joins Ashley on the boardwalk. She’s tearing up before he even speaks. Ben starts into his proposal and gets down on one knee. He asks if she’ll marry him and make him the happiest man on earth. Ashley pulls him up and cries, “I’m sorry.” Ben says, “Wow. I didn’t see this coming.” Ashley tries to explain how difficult this is, but Ben storms off. She catches up and tells him how great a guy he is, but he stops her – he asks her not to sugarcoat it. He informs her that they can’t part on good terms. He expresses his utter shock and disbelief. He tightly tells her JP is wonderful and they’ll have a nice life together. Ben leaves cursing into the camera. He keeps saying how vulnerable he made himself. He thinks Ashley chose JP because he’s the safer bet.

JP Proposes

Ashley has composed herself after the scene with Ben, and tells the cameras she’s so in love with JP.  JP comes in on a seaplane and greets Chris, who takes him up the beach to Ashley. Ashley holds the rose as he approaches. JP grins from ear-to-ear.  He tells her she’s gorgeous and she kisses him. JP tells her it’s so hard to believe how this started and how far they’ve come. He says the hardest thing has been not knowing how she feels about him – he’s still afraid. JP says to overcome that fear he has to take a leap of faith – and that’s what this is. He tells her he smiles because of her and he’s madly in love with her; he loves everything about her. Ashley tells him she has wanted for so long to tell him she loves him too – she wants to be with him forever. JP is overcome and tells her she is the one; she’s it. He kneels and asks her to marry him. She says yes.  They kiss. Their roller rink date song, I Can’t Fight This Feeling plays over a montage of their journey. She gives him the final rose and says, “I love you so much baby.” He picks her up and spins her around.  They head to the beach and laugh.

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