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America’s Got Talent Recap: Best New Act In America Performs!

August 02, 2011 08:10 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on NBC‘s America’s Got Talent live from Hollywood, the quarter finals continue with judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel weighing in as twelve more acts vie to be among the four that will be voted into the semi-final round. Keep reading for all the highlights, including which act will be deemed the best of the night, best of the live shows, and best new act in America…

The Kinetic King is up first tonight on America’s Got Talent – it took him over 40 hours to set up, but unfortunately, it’s a disaster. Nothing works the way it’s supposed to at all. The buzzer sounds and the Kinetic King goes around the stage kicking over his sticks and various items.  Piers says he’s rarely seen an act go so badly wrong. King giggles that he’ll now be famous for being the biggest loser on the show. Sharon feels he shouldn’t have let his assistant start things off, but King says it might be the humidity. Howie jokes that next time he shouldn’t use the glue. King says he’s honestly baffled. Howie can see that.

Zuma Zuma the group of acrobats from Kenya are up next. They impressed all the judges at their audition and plan to do some more dangerous elements tonight. In gold outfits, the members of the group put on a stunning acrobatic act on two poles – it’s incredible. Sharon applauds them for bringing new elements into their act, Howie tells them they are dangerous and exciting, and wonders how they don’t hurt themselves on the poles. Piers says it’s the kind of male pole-dancing he likes, and says they were exuberant and looked like they were having fun – well done!

Avery and the Calico Hearts, a group of little girls from Texas hit the America’s Got Talent stage to sing live. They have cute outfits and a funky little house as a backdrop as they perform their upbeat tune.  Howie says they did amazing, calling them the Chipmunks come to life – he thinks they deserve their own show. Piers tells them they made him smile, and he loved the act, but in terms of singing ability it’s a little early for them. Sharon tells the girls they put everything into their music, and says they’re adorable.

Nick announces that Jason Derulo and Maroon 5 will perform tomorrow night on the live results show.

Juggler Charles Peachock, who’s been developing his show for eight years, begins his act on the piano with tennis balls. Sharon buzzes, but Charles continues playing the Can Can. Howie also buzzes as he launches into a shirtless version of Jailhouse Rock with the tennis balls hitting the piano keys just perfectly. Nick is astounded that Piers didn’t buzz! Piers says he’s never seen anyone do anything like that – he’s really talented!  Sharon felt it was a slow start – the audience boos. Howie says he thinks Charles is going down a level from what he’s done before.

The office clerk who loves to dance, Sam B, is up next. Tonight, he’s excited to have some good-looking ladies dancing with him on the stage. Sam busts it out with a Club 80′s background to The Club Can’t Handle Me. It looks like an aerobic workout with some Russian dancing thrown in. Piers hits the buzzer mid-way. Nick hollers, “Sam B swag right there!”  Sharon challenges Nick to try the Cossack move. She tells Sam B he is unique and may become a lot of people’s guilty pleasure. Howie hopes so – he thinks Sam B will take America by storm! Piers says it’s time for a reality check – his act never changes – he basically charges around like a herd of rhinoceros’ and then falls down.

Singer Taylor Davis will take his shot live on the Hollywood stage. The Georgia native perches on a stool and strums his acoustic guitar as he sings. Just as I’m thinking he sounds a bit off-key, Piers buzzes. Taylor continues through, stronger at some times than others. Piers says he sang it in the wrong key or totally off-key which kicks off a debate with Howie and Sharon who disagree. Sharon says his song choice wasn’t great, but she likes his range and natural voice. Howie liked the song, and the way he sung it, but feels there was no ‘wow’.

Comedienne Melissa Villasenor was put straight through to Hollywood based on her initial audition.  She begins with a so-so Drew Barrymore impression, then launches into an okay Owen Wilson impression. Melissa follows that up with a kind of funny Sharon Osbourne impression, Mariah Carey singing Over the Rainbow,  and ends with Judy Garland.  Piers says she’s very talented, but that wasn’t as good as her initial audition.  Sharon thought she did extremely well. Howie says there’s nothing harder than comedy and it’s all subjective. He thinks she deserves to be there.

Magician Scott Alexander brings his act to Hollywood tonight. Piers is looking for him to up his showmanship this time around. Scott is backed up by a gospel choir as he says sometimes the key to making a good illusion work is just to pray. The choir gets on a platform as they sing, a curtain is dropped in front of them, and Scott pulls the curtain away to reveal that the choir has disappeared – they reappear up in the rafters. Sharon calls it unique and fun. Howie thought he was lacking a little in showmanship, but Piers thought the opposite – the trick wasn’t all that spectacular, but the way he did it was pure showmanship!

Dance crew, Fatally Unique, who had a member injured in practice before Vegas,  are proud to bring their act from Rockford, Illinois to Hollywood. They have an army/war theme tonight and bust out in uniforms. It’s very fast-paced and intense and they move with close to military precision as far as synchronicity goes. Howie thinks they stepped it up and should go forward. Piers says they upped their game from Vegas – cheering ensues. Sharon loved the choreography and theme – their passion has paid off! One dancer is in tears as he says they worked so hard.

The Yellow Design Stunt Team who perform amazing stunts on their bicycles are ready to go on in Hollywood, and promise to deliver a big, bad show. They have an Alice In Wonderland theme and Welcome To The Tea Party plays as they do stunts on giant playing cards with hearts on them. One of the guys is dressed as the Mad Hatter. They do some breathtaking stuff, but there is a little fall near the end. Piers says he didn’t buzz them because notwithstanding the small mistake, they developed their act so well – it was terrific! Sharon agrees, saying the production and outfits were phenomenal. Howie also agrees, calling it a tremendous show – he thought the spill added an extra thrill!

Frank Myles, who risks his life while juggling, is next to perform. Piers is worried Frank has already to set the bar too high. Tonight, Frank is doing the most dangerous stunt he’s ever attempted – it involves cross bows. Five cross bows. They are set to fire in succession until the last one shoots a jelly doughnut off his head.  He pulls it off, though the bow misses the doughnut by a hair, hitting the target behind.  Sharon thinks he should be known as Danger Man. She thought it was exciting, but questions if he’s the next biggest act in America. Howie agrees it was exciting. Piers says it was a very dangerous trick, but it didn’t work because he missed the doughnut.

Team iLuminate, the act where dancers wear light up suits controlled wirelessly and perform in the dark, have brought their dream to the stage in Hollywood.  They put on a stunning show set to Katy Perry’s Extraterrestrial and get a standing ovation. Howie says it’s the best thing – by far- that he’s seen on this show! He thinks they can go all the way. Piers says best act tonight, best act of the live shows, and best new act in America. Sharon calls them ‘world class’. Piers agrees – a million dollar act right there!

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  1. Shirley Kimberlay Says:
    August 3rd, 2011 at 11:08 am

    The judges are turning me off this show. Howie Mandel is an idiot. This show is about Talent NOT the judges. Howie thinks this is his personal show. Get Rid Of Him!


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