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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: High School Reunion Disaster!

August 02, 2011 06:10 PM by Lisa Princ

Hell’s Kitchen was back tonight on FOX after Gina Melcher’s elimination, but when the teams must cater a Hawaiian themed high school reunion, who pulls it off and who ends up looking like the high school student? Read on for all the highlights!

Hell’s Kitchen returned tonight with a promise by Elise to work on her attitude, but let’s see if she can keep that promise. When the teams met with Gordon Ramsay for their next challenge, he announced that they would be cooking for a high school reunion as he asked both Paul and Elizabeth to join him in a meeting with the committee members. During the meeting, Elizabeth seemed to be daydreaming, we were left wondering if she actually heard anything.

Using the information they were given, Paul and Elizabeth had to come up with three dishes for the committee members to try to decide on for the reunion. Elizabeth must have been asleep though, because she completely missed the Hawaiian theme and went with Asian, while the blue team rocked out their Hawaiian dishes. That was not her only error though, she also put bacon in the fish dish after one of the members told them in the meeting that she did not eat meat. Elizabeth’s errors earned the red team another loss, and Gordon Ramsay was irate.

For winning the challenge on Hell’s Kitchen, the blue team was treated to a day on a yacht, complete with a hot tub and booze! While the blue team spent their day getting drunk and flirting with Natalie, the red team was stuck behind prepping for service and creating a cake. Their cake however, was a disaster and Gordon Ramsay refused to serve it. Of course, they couldn’t last the day without some drama either – Elise and Carrie spent more time acting like childish drama queens and arguing.

When it is time for dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen, the blue team was off to a strong start getting allĀ  their appetizers out, while the red team was struggling. Finally, Gordon Ramsay asked for a leader and Elise took control of the red kitchen. Then the blue kitchen started to go down hill as Paul could not get a grip on his fish station and continued to send out raw fish for the committee table. After numerous attempts, Gordon Ramsay took Paul off the fish, and put Monterray and Jonathan on fish.

But neither Monterray nor Jonathan could get the fish cooked either, leaving the committee annoyed, as well as starving. You know what that meant, right? Yep! Gordon Ramsay kicked the blue team out of the kitchen, leading to a huge argument in the dorm between Jonathan and Monterray. Luckily, the ladies were able to pull off service for the committee and the remaining guests, obviously leaving the blue team up for elimination.

When it was time for elimination on Hell’s Kitchen, the blue team nominated both Paul and Monterray for elimination. But before Gordon Ramsay began, he called Jonathan up there with them, giving all three guys a chance to convince him why they should stay. Paul is the first one sent back to safety, and then Jonathan and Monterray had a few final shots at each another – verbally, that is. Gordon Ramsay then announced that Monterray would be leaving tonight!

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