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Masterchef Recap: Childhood Favorites Or Nightmares?

August 02, 2011 07:22 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night, no one was eliminated on Fox‘s Masterchef, but rest assured that someone will be eliminated when the remaining eight must create a childhood favorite. But who created a favorite memory and who created nightmares? Read on for the highlights and to find out which two contestants were sent packing!

Mastechef returned tonight with the return of the mystery box. This time, the contestants would be preparing a surf and turf for the judges. They were all given numerous cuts and types of meat, as well as seafood, so each person had the chance to create something unique. The feud between Jennifer and Christian intensified tonight as they both made the judges aware that they would not mind the other going home.

This challenge proved to be a shocker as some lesser known contestants came out on top. Adrien came back from his bad week last week with a short ribs and crab salad dish that had the judges in awe over how he cooked his ribs so perfectly, with so little time. Suzy also impressed for the first time in quite a while with her prawn soup and perfectly simple bison. At this point, we were think that the “seafood master” aka Christian would be joining the top three, but that was not the case.

The third finalist in this challenge was actually Jennifer, with her risotto that was infused with bacon and seafood – what a unique idea. The judges loved all three of the dishes, but awarded the win to Jennifer for her creativity. Before the elimination challenge, Gordon Ramsay called Christian up to taste Jennifer’s perfectly seasoned risotto, and when asked what he thought, Christian replied with “I’ve had better.” That infuriated Gordon as he gave Christian a stern lecture and made sure that Christian knew that the reason his dish did not get tasted, was due to the lack of seasoning.

That gave Jennifer the advantage in the elimination challenge – choosing the next theme. Tonight, the theme was childhood favorites, in which each of the judges revealed their childhood favorite food, and Jennifer would have to choose which one the contestants would put an “adult” spin on. Joe Bastianich was up first revealing a photo of him as a child, and his favorite childfood food, which was pizza. Graham Elliot brought out a comical picture of himself at a young age, rubbing his belly! But what was his favorite food? Macaroni and cheese! Gordon Ramsay was up next with a cute photo of himself, and under his tray he revealed a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Jennifer decided to go with the soup and grilled cheese, much to Gordon Ramsay’s delight! But which contestants would be able to create a great childhood memory for the judges, and who created a nightmare? With only 45 minutes to cook, making the soup proved to be a tough feat and left some making critical mistakes. Some of the better dished belonged to Christian, Jennifer, and Suzy – is anyone else thinking we may see a Christian/Jennifer finale?

Then there were the awful dishes on Masterchef and those belonged to Derrick, Christine and Ben Starr. Ben Starr’s soup was inedible and the judges were not impressed by his sandwich, while Derrick’s soup was overloaded with cheese, and Joe Bastianich threw his sandwich in the trash. Christine was, by far, the worst of the evening with her acidic green tomato soup and greasy provolone sandwich. Ben Starr was then sent back to safety, leaving only Derrick and Christine. Gordon then asked Christine to take her apron off and leave the Masterchef kitchen.

But, the elimination did not end there. After breathing a sigh of relief, Derrick was also asked to take off his apron and leave Masterchef. I guess that was to make up for the lack of elimination last night? Before he left, Joe called Derrick over and told him to contact him about his future in the culinary world, because the judges think he has a good one. Best of luck to both Christine and Derrick!

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