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Love In The Wild Recap: Surprising Couple’s Choice Ceremony

August 03, 2011 08:12 PM by Megan Thompson

The couples are getting cozy on tonight’s episode of Love In The Wild. Will Ben finally kiss Brandee? Keep reading to find out all the details and see which couple is leaving the jungle for good!

After the Couple’s Ceremony:

Everyone is happy that the couples are back to the way they were before the mandatory switch.  Miles thinks Heather is the total package and the original lovebirds, Mike and Samantha, are still smitten with each other.  While Ben apologizes to Brandee in the hopes to mend their rocky relationship. 

The Adventure Begins:

It’s time to find five hidden masks throughout the jungle. The first couple to cross the finish line will head to the Oasis and be safe at the next elimination. All the contestants are handed maps to lead them to their first mask.    

Each couple heads to a different destination to reach the first clue.  Steele is determined to win and head to the Oasis.  Brandee feels she needs to win today, to prove to Ben that she is truly a good partner.  Skip and Theresa are definitely having the most trouble with the challenge, the horses are giving them a hard time.  The couples trek though the jungle and begin to quickly pick up the masks.  Samantha and Mike are the first to collect all the masks!  But they now must slide down a muddy “jungle slip and slide” to head toward the finish line. The lovebirds reach the finish line first and will definitely take advantage of the night away the Oasis. 

Second place goes to Steele and Erica, while Heather and Mike place third.  The last two teams are neck and neck in the jungle, so it will be a race to the finish line.  Ben is getting frustrated with Brandee and she is pretty much over him saying, “ I didn’t come to Costa Rica to be treated like this.” Skip and Steele place fourth, which means Brandee and Ben are last. 

After The Adventure:

Ben admits he likes Brandee and apologizes to her for acting the way he does in challenges. While at the Oasis, Samantha and Mike toast to their victory. Mike admits to Samantha that he has really fallen for her. 

Back at the cabins Steele and Erica flirt in bed together. But while Steele likes Erica, he thinks she is getting “a little too serious a little too quickly.” Skip and Theresa enjoy some alone time in the hammock. 

The Next Day:

Steele contemplates leaving Erica for Brandee, which would not go over well at all with Erica.  Ziplining through the jungle is on Mike and Samantha’s morning agenda. The couple thoroughly enjoys the reward and grow closer together. Getting ready for the ceremony, Brandee becomes emotional at how Ben has treated her.    

Couple’s Choice Ceremony:

Mike and Samantha are up first and they agree to stay with each other.  Steele and Erica are next to discuss their relationship.  Steele admits he is worried about Erica getting hurt down the line, so he actually asks Brandee to be his partner.  Brandee doesn’t think there is a romantic connection there, so she declines Steele.  Erica asks Steele to be her partner again, but he turns her down! Heather and Miles are up next and they both agree to stay together.  Last up are Theresa and Skip, who also decide to remain partners.  That leaves the final four: Steele and Erica and Ben and Brandee.  Ben is asked if he wants to stay with Brandee.  Ben admits that he and Brandee couldn’t handle another adventure together.  Ben invites Erica, but Erica declines him.  Now Brandee decides not to ask anyone and heads to the unmatched area.  Since the couples chose to go the unmatched area, all four contestants head home!  Erica admits her ego is definitely bruised by Steele’s rejection. She also thinks Steele is afraid of commitment, which I would have to agree with! 

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One Response to “Love In The Wild Recap: Surprising Couple’s Choice Ceremony”

  1. J.T. Leet Says:
    August 5th, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    “She also thinks Steele is afraid of commitment, which I would have to agree with!” As long a women believe this, they’re not going to understand men.

    As we all should have learned from popular book a few years ago, he’s not afraid of commitment… he’s just not that into you. Steele was very clear to say that his feelings were not as strong as hers, and he didn’t want to hurt her by leading her on.

    Should Steele really just commit to this Erica gal just to prove to everyone that he’s not afraid to commit?


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