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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Top Six Fight For A Spot In The Finale

August 03, 2011 06:58 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance on Fox, we watched our top six perform, as Christina Applegate joined the panel. With the pressure mounting to make it to the finale next week, how did our top six do? Keep reading to find out!

So You Think You Can Dance was back tonight with the top six performances. This week, they would be competing for a spot in next week’s finale. Christina Applegate and Lil C joined the Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe this week. The contestants performed three routines tonight: one with an all star, one solo (which would not be judged) and one with another contestant.

Melanie Moore
Melanie’s all star routine was with Twitch tonight, as the pair performed a twisted “Little Red Riding Hood” routine by Tabitha and Napoleon which was awesome! Lil C kicked off telling Melanie that it started off rocky but got better as it went on. Christina Applegate thanked Melanie for letting us watch her all season, and then went on to tell Melanie how great her performance was. Mary Murphy was up next and told Melanie that she was on fire, while Nigel called her sensational and said we would see her in the finale!

Sasha Mallory
Sasha was paired up with Kent tonight for her all star routine. They performed a Tyce Diorio routine about a struggling relationship and all the emotions that go with it. This beautiful routine which revolved around a wall, earned the pair major applause and the judges loved Sasha’s performance. Christina started calling Sasha courageous for showing her emotions during the routine, while Mary called it intoxicating as she welled up in tears. Nigel commended Tyce for the routine, and Sasha for sharing her emotions through her dance, while Lil C also got choked up while trying to share his thoughts – needless to say, he loved it!

Marko Germar
Marko was next up with his all start partner, Janette, for a Dmitry Chaplin Paso Doble. Marko struggled a bit in rehearsals, but did not look to be struggling on the floor tonight. Mary kicked off by telling Marko, despite a few misses, he nailed most of the routine. Nigel Lythgoe, however, did not like it as he called it “cold” and went on to say that he expected more. Lil C loved the performance and Marko’s “power.” Christina said she did not know how to critique this dance, as she didn’t know much about it, but she did like it.

Tadd Gadduang
Tadd took on a “dirty” routine by Sonya Tayeh tonight with his all start partner, Ellenore. This crazy routine had the pair hanging from a chandelier, and it was definitely entertaining. Cat joked that she wanted to have a go at the chandelier! Nigel kicked off almost speechless, but eventually said he would have liked to see more dancing in the routine and less stunts. Lil C commended Sonya and went on to say that Tadd was awesome, while Christina said she loved the dirty side of dance – and then told Tadd that she loved him. Mary ended by saying that Tadd had extraordinary ability.

Ricky Jaime
Ricky was up next on So You Think You Can Dance with his all star partner, Jaimie. The pair took on a number by Dee Caspary, about a couple that is fading away, and trying to save what they have. This routine was beautifully emotional, and I think most of us could relate to it. Lil C was up first and commended Ricky for using props and called him magically magnificent. Christina called him amazing, but she didn’t think he danced with the clearest intention. Mary Murphy called it beautiful and free flowing, while Nigel said it was danced well, but he wanted Ricky to feel the movement more.

Caitlynn Lawson
Caitlynn paired up with Pasha tonight for her all star performance. This pair took on a Dmitry Chaplin Samba and it was super sexy. Christina started the judging by telling Caitlynn that she was beautiful and did a great job. Mary tricked Caitlynn by making her think she did not like it, when she loved it. Mary told Caitlynn was on fire, while Nigel loved the Samba rolls. Lil C told Caitlynn that she was awesome, but she needed to try and be effortless in her sexiness.

We also watched the top six perform solo, and heard a message from their parents. Then the top six were paired together for one final performance in couples before we found out who would be moving on to the finale next week.

For their couple performances, Sasha and Ricky were up first with a whacking routine by Kumari Suraj. This routine was fun and the judges loved them, as Mary said that the she loved the rhythm but the “whacking was lacking”. Nigel loved how fun it was and went on about how well Sasha did, while Lil C called them amazing. Christina loved it and the audience seemed to enjoy this one.

Melanie paired up with Tadd for a Spencer Liff Broadway routine next on So You Think You Can Dance, which was about confusing love and dance. As usual, Melanie was stunning and the judges loved them. Nigel Lythgoe even told Melanie that her solo tonight was the best ever – can we say finale for Melanie? The rest of the judges praised Melanie, leaving Tadd in the background a bit. Tadd did get some praise, but Melanie was the star of this routine.

Last up for the evening were Caitlynn and Marko who took on a Sonya Tayeh Jazz routine. This performance was very dramatic and entertaining. The judges loved it as Lil C started by saying the routine was “murderous” and he loved it. Christina was in awe and went on to say how great Marko was and old Caitlynn that was her “moment.” Mary gushed that it was one of Caitlynn’s best moments, and then she gushed about Marko being her favorite dancer. Nigel Lythgoe loved the routine as well and said that Caitlynn finally showed her maturity.

Now, be sure to go vote, vote, vote! Tune in tomorrow to find out which four dancers will make it into next week’s finale!

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One Response to “So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Top Six Fight For A Spot In The Finale”

  1. Call 'Em As I See 'Em Says:
    August 4th, 2011 at 10:19 am

    It’s getting down to the wire, so time to review the final six:

    Here are your girls: Wasn’t that fantastic how Melanie rolled up onto Twitch’s shoulders and then rolled back down, flipping Twitch over her? I’m surprised the judges didn’t mention it. Fascinating too how the judges drooled over her solo, rightfully so, but it is her partnering that makes Melanie so outstanding. And how come no one remarked on the mirrored reflection of Melanie dancing with Tadd, adding quite the interesting dimension? BTW, have people forgotten that Melanie floated through a Viennese Waltz with Pasha, while Sasha with Pasha, nice rhyme but a bit stiff in her Quick Step. One ballroom each.

    Ooh, Sasha is sporting a new do — reminds me how Travis did the same, when it got down to the nitty-gritting, although he still came in second to Benji. People felt that Travis was the better dancer, similarly to how many feel about Sasha. Oh, and those vote-getting tears! Looks like Sasha is pushing to pull ahead of Melanie. Perhaps a bit too much. BTW, that may have been Tyce Diorio’s best routine…..ever. He doesn’t have many good ones.

    I think Caitlynn has amply demonstrated why she finishes ahead of Jordan. She has baby-girl looks, but her dancing has grown with leaps and bounds, and she holds her own with Pasha, obviously the resident ballroom All-Star. Did you realize that Caitlynn danced ballroom four times: 2 Sambas, a Foxtrot and an Argentine Tango. How do Melanie and Sasha stack up to that? Caitlynn reminds me of Mollee and a little bit of Kayla.

    And here are your guys: The biggest problem Marko had with the paso doble was that he had to dance with Janette, who, like Allison, is a spectacular dancer and absolutely riveting. (Melanie and Sasha may be moving into that same stratosphere, if not already.) Oh, and seeing his mom, we now know whom Marko takes after of being so emotional.

    Tadd shows a great sense of humor and amazing strength, whether he’s b-bopping on one hand, walking on stairs with two, or dangling and dancing from a chandelier. How fitting that Tadd was paired with Ellenore – just wish we had seen more dancing from them, especially quirky Ellenore. The judges are clearly pushing for Tadd to be in the final four, but it doesn’t appear the voters are as enthused.

    Ricky has the best smile. I think he is thrilled that he survived Ryan and now gets to dance with some real talent. I was surprised that the judges didn’t give props to Kumari Suraj for her waacking (proper spelling) choreography, as they do with all the first-timers. OBTW, wow! Hasn’t Jaimie grown both as a woman and a dancer!? Jaimie beat out Anya for the Top Ten in Season 3, making Anya the only All-Star to not make that elite group, unless you count Comfort, but she got a second chance.

    So the order of finish – no surprises here – will be: 1. Melanie 2. Sasha 3. Marko 4. Tadd or Ricky. Alas for Caitlynn, and Jordan, both superb dancers, that they had to compete with Melanie and Sasha.


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