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Vienna Girardi’s New Nose: Do You See The Difference?

August 03, 2011 08:50 AM by Kristin Watson

It’s already a known fact that Vienna Girardi had a nose job, but a new before and after picture of the Bachelor Pad 2 contestant from US Weekly has us wondering — do you see see a difference?

Vienna Girardi is getting set to debut on Bachelor Pad 2 next Monday (August 8th) with her infamous Bachelor ex Jake Pavelka, but that’s not what we really care about. We really want to know how her new nose turned out.

To be honest, after seeing the before and after picture from US Weekly, we’re really not so sure there’s much of a difference. ”I always felt like I had this little face with, like, a Mr. Potato Head nose!” Vienna Girardi told Us Weekly.

Now, we are not experts so this is completely observational, but In the head-on picture the biggest difference you can see is the nose might be a tad shorter now. She was a pretty girl before the surgery and it’s possible that the difference is slight because the issues she had with her honker weren’t as magnified as she thought.

Still, the life-long tormenting was enough to make her decide to go ahead with the surgery. ”It’s something I’ve wanted since I was 9 or 10,” she said. “In school, they called me Pinocchio. After The Bachelor, bloggers called me ‘horse face.’ Evil names. I even went blonde because my dark hair made my nose look bigger!”

Here’s the question we pose to the readers: Can you see a difference in her then and now? Do you think there was little to improve upon in the first place?

Perhaps the point was to make small changes to the appearance, but would you want to pay all that money for minimal change? Sound off on Vienna Girardi’s new nose and don’t forget to watch her on Bachelor Pad 2 starting August 8.

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2 Responses to “Vienna Girardi’s New Nose: Do You See The Difference?”

  1. Sarah Says:
    August 3rd, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    The tip is shorter and lifted, the bump is removed …but she doesn’t look any better because she had something done with her eyes, too (eyelid tuck? or maybe had filler injected into her cheeks) that makes her look sleepy. I’d only do one tweak at a time!

  2. speelbergo Says:
    August 10th, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    I agree with Sarah. Her eyes look considerably less lively and that offsets the nose size reduction. There’s nothing she can do with a scalpel that will undo her reputation for being a skanky bitch and that’s the bottom line.


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