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Big Brother 13 Recap: Live Eviction, Evel Dick Weighs In & New Twist Introduced

August 04, 2011 07:45 PM by Ryan Haidet

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 13 offered a few very interesting elements.  Yes, we did have another live eviction, but we also got a visit from Evel Dick and a spectacular finish to the Head of Household competition.  Plus, host Julie Chen introduced another new twist that is very reminiscent of Redemption Island from Survivor.

Rachel Keeps Crying

Would you expect anything less?  Rachel spent most of the episode crying about the concept of Brendon being eliminated from the competition.  She hated the idea that he would possibly be the next person walking out of the house.  Her tears continued as she and Brendon pushed to earn a few votes for their side.  Although she offered up her support, Porsche also offered a warning.  She told Rachel to stop acting so sad because her attitude was rubbing everybody the wrong way.  She thought Rachel needed to start thinking about the future of her own game since she would be staying in the house without Brendon after he gets voted off.  That comment sent Rachel into an emotional spiral.  She laid on the hammock and cried really hard as Brendon tried to comfort her.  He put his arm around her and said that he would always be there — whether he’s evicted or not.

Evel Dick’s Thoughts

Probably the most disappointing moment of this season so far came when Evel Dick left the house.  CBS, probably also upset that he’s gone, had him return for his second video message of the season.  This time, he was watching the show from his Colorado home while dishing his opinions on how Daniele’s game is going.  He couldn’t have been more blunt by saying that she is playing an awful game. He felt like Daniele was making the same mistakes as she did the first time she played by aligning so closely with a boy (Nick in season eight and Dominic this season).  Dick said he felt Daniele was in the best position in the house, but totally screwed it up when she got so aggressive last week.  But does he still think she can win?  Yes, but he thinks it is all going to be much tougher for her now.

Fourth Live Eviction

Brendon’s speech before the votes was gooey with love for Rachel, while Jordan told everybody how badly she wants to stay in the game.  When the votes came in, everybody (except Rachel and Porsche) voted to evict Brendon.  He rose to his feet and embraced Rachel in a huge, tearful hug.  After saying his final goodbye, Brendon walked out of the house for his exit interview with Julie.

Another Twist

Before the live HoH competition, Julie told all of the houseguests to gather in the living room.  Once they all sat down, Julie teased the new twist by telling them the next person who is evicted from the game will have a chance at re-entering the house.  After turning off her speaker to the house, Julie told the viewers that next week on Thursday’s episode, the evicted houseguest will have an opportunity to return to the game as a full-fledged player.  But they will have to go through one of the first four evicted houseguests to do it — sort of like Redemption Island from Survivor.  But America also has a say by voting for which of the first four evicted houseguests they want to see battle it out against next week’s evicted houseguest for a shot at returning to the game.

Awesome HoH

The HoH competition involved questions about the first three evicted houseguests.  The final round came down to Kalia and Shelly.  I was so excited to see Kalia dominate the challenge and claim victory.  Yes!  She and Daniele are still in power!  And maybe next week Dominic will get to come back in the house, which would give them more numbers.  Vote Dominic!  He’s the most entertaining player to choose from.

Who do you think should re-enter the house next week?  Who will Kalia nominate for eviction?  Sound off by leaving a comment below!

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2 Responses to “Big Brother 13 Recap: Live Eviction, Evel Dick Weighs In & New Twist Introduced”

  1. drlilian Says:
    August 5th, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    I was very excited to see Kalia win this week’s HOH…I have been voting fo Dominic to come back, so Please….Keep voting for Dom.

    August 7th, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    i want brandon back in the house and he and Jeff
    can get rid on danelle


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