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Expedition Impossible Recap: Fight To The Finish

August 04, 2011 07:42 PM by Megan Thompson

The top seven teams fight it out on tonight’s episode of Expedition Impossible. What impossible task will the contestants conquer tonight? Keep reading to find out all the details and learn which team must leave Morocco.

Stage 7 Of The Expedition:
The contestants are given maps to find symbols in the desert. Without much more explanation the race begins! Team Gypsies are given a three minute lead, since they were the winners of the last stage of the race. The remaining contestants are released in the order they placed in the previous race.

Teams must now use their binoculars to find a symbol, that’s on their map, hidden in the scenery of Morocco. Most teams are stumped by this first clue, but the Gypsies are the first to find the answer. The other teams take the Gypsies lead and also find the clue. The California Girls are excited because they are in second place, which is the best they have ever done.

The Souk is the next place the teams will find a clue. The Gypsies, California Girls and No Limits are the first three teams to arrive. The next clue tells the teams they must now go to the airport to travel to an unknown destination. When getting in the car, Ike, from Team No Limits, falls and he thinks he broke his ankle. Ouch! He wants to continue on for his team, so we will have to see if he can walk!

The teams must now take to the skies! The clue informs the teams they must choose one person to skydive out of the plane. All the Gypsies want to skydive, so they decide by doing a game of rock, paper, scissors! The person chosen to skydive must look for another symbol, which will lead them to their next clue. There will be three planes taking the teams up.

On the first plane are The Gypsies and No Limits. While his teammate are jumping from the plane, Ike has someone from the medical team look at his ankle. It isn’t good news. The medic thinks Ike’s ankle is broken and suggests he gets an x-ray. Ike doesn’t want to have the x-ray, so he can continue on with the race. Ike hops along on one foot with his team, they truly live up to their team name -No Limits! All the teams are successful with the skydiving mission and easily spot the next symbol.

Finish Line:
It’s time to go swimming! It’s a cold swim and then a mile trek to the next clue.

The Gypsies are once again first to the next clue. The clue tells the teams them must break a code to learn directions to the finish line. If the teams need help, they can choose to do a two mile roundtrip trek to find a clue. The Gypsies quickly decipher the code and are headed for the finish line. Fab 3 makes a rash decision to hike for the clue. Both the California Girls and No Limits stay and easily break the code. The Football Players, Cops, and Country Boys are able to catch up at the next clue – beating Fab 3. Fab 3 is now so frustrated about being in last place they can’t calm down enough to figure out the clue. It’s near impossible to decode a puzzle when you are in panic mode. Finally, Fab 3 does learn the final destination, but they are more than 20 minutes behind the last teams who left.

It’s no easy trek to the finish line, rather it’s seven miles of steep and rough terrain. The Gypsies are in the lead and take a moment to enjoy the scenery of Morocco. The Gypsies are getting cocky and decide to stop and have some tea with the locals before crossing the finish line. While Ike continues to trek along, with what is thought to be a broken ankle, he amazes the other teams with his efforts. The Gypsies are once again win the race! No Limits places second and The California Girls come in third. The Country Boys don’t know that Fab 3 is behind them, so they assume they are in last place. Fabs 3 is running to the finish line and finally see they can catch the Country Boys. At the same time, The Country Boys realize they are not the last team in the race – it’s go time! Both teams are exhausted and climbing the mountain with everything they have! In an amazing effort, Fab 3 beats out The Country Boys. It’s time for the Country Boys to leave, but they feel the trip was an amazing bonding experience. Truly a trip of a lifetime!

Below is the breakdown of the teams and how they finished in the seventh leg of the race. 

The Gypsies:  John Post ,Taylor Filasky, Eric Bach 

No Limits: Erik Weihenmayer, Jeff Evans Aaron “Ike” Isaacson 

California Girls: Christina Chin, Brittany Smith,Natalie Smith

The Football Players: Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, Robert Ortiz, Ricky Sharpe

The Cops: Robert Robillard, Dani Henderson, James Vaglica 

Fab 3: Ryan Allen Carrillo, Kari Gibson, AJ Gibson 

The Country Boys: Nicholas Coughlin, Jason Cronin, Chad Robinson 


Who is your favorite Expedition Impossible team and why? Let us know, comment below!

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2 Responses to “Expedition Impossible Recap: Fight To The Finish”

  1. Omg hater Says:
    August 6th, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    I effing hate the “California idiots” and the “Terrible 3″. They make me sick just watching them. What a bunch of wusses. I hope they r the next 2 teams to go

  2. Chris Watson Says:
    August 14th, 2011 at 11:58 am

    Which of these teams are former Operators? The skill sets required make it pretty obvious who might be potential ‘winners’ here.


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