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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Has Found Love Again!

August 04, 2011 12:57 PM by Lisa Princ

Didn’t MTV‘s Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham just tell us that she was ready for romance, but not a relationship? According to an exclusive interview, Farrah now admits that she has found love again! Keep reading for more.

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham, who recently admitted that she was ready to start dating again after the loss of her boyfriend, has now found someone new, someone she says she is in love with! According to Life & Style Magazine, Farrah told them: “I couldn’t ask for a better guy to come into my life,” about her new beau, Daniel Alvarez, 23. Farrah Abraham went on to add that the pair were set up by a woman she met at the airport gushing: “She said, ‘I have a friend you should go on a blind date with.’ It’s the most random way I’ve ever met somebody!

And what does Daniel Alvarez think of Farrah’s daughter, Sophia? According to Farrah, although she is not looking to replace Sophia’s father (who passed away in 2008), Farrah did introduce Daniel to Sophia. Farrah added: “I introduced them right away. It’s like a perfect little family. He’s great with Sophia.” Hmm, she is not looking to replace Sophia’s dad, but it sure sounds like it to us! I mean, less than a month ago Farrah Abraham was just hit the dating world again, and now she is “in love” and has an “instant family” of three? What do you think? How would you handle this touchy situation? Comment and share your thoughts with us!

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One Response to “Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Has Found Love Again!”

  1. Kel Says:
    August 4th, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    Um I think that you are ridiculously judgmental. I fell in love with my husband in 6 weeks. We have now been together 5 years. You cannot judge someone based on how long they have been together. And she’s not trying to replace Sophia’s dad. Since he was never in her life (unfortunately) there’s no way to replace him. She will always ACKNOWLEDGE to Sophia that Derek is her dad, but if that little girl has a chance at having a father figure, I think any mother would take that opportunity for their child. Get a grip!


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