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Bachelor Pad 2: Season Premiere

August 08, 2011 08:12 PM by Candace Young

Tonight’s season premiere of Bachelor Pad 2 promises lots of drama among the contestants from past seasons of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, including the reunion of Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi whose tension-filled break-up was tabloid heaven. Keep reading for highlights from tonight’s three-hour season premiere…

Among the Bachelor Pad 2 contestants are Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego, famous for going on Ali Fedotowsky‘s season of The Bachelorette with a girlfriend back home. Jackie Gordon from Brad Womack’s second go ’round on The Bachelor is also there – she has a rivalry with Michelle Money, the outspoken single mom also from Brad’s season.  Michelle says if she wins she would use the money to do something for her dad who has been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

Gia Allemand, from Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor, and who was on season one of Bachelor Pad, is back again. She has a rivalry with the winner of Jake’s season, Vienna Girardi, who reportedly came between her and ex-boyfriend, Wes Craven. Vienna and Jake Pavelka went through a notoriously nasty break-up, and she is now dating Kasey Kahl, the weirdo who tattooed himself on Ali’s season of The Bachelorette. Kasey and Jake are both on Bachelor Pad 2. Kasey says it will take a lot for him not to punch Jake. Jake contends that Vienna sold their break-up story to a tabloid and he was crushed.  He claims to feel nervous about dealing with Vienna and Kasey. Ella Nolan, from Jake’s season, is also in the Bachelor Pad 2 group.

Also on Bachelor Pad 2 are exes, Michael Stagliano from Jillian Harris’ season of The Bachelorette, and Holly Durst from Matt’s season of The Bachelor. Graham Bunn, from Deanna Pappas’ season of The Bachelorette, is there as well. He says he’s grown up and is ready to win the money for charity.  Erica Rose, from Lorenzo Borghese’s season of The Bachelor, is also a part of the group – she says her astrologer thinks it looks good for her to win. She will use her sexuality and would even kiss a girl if it would help her win.

Michelle is the first to arrive via limo. Chris Harrison greets her and she goes inside. She’s soon joined by Blake Julian, who just finished on Ashley’s season of The Bachelorette. Holly arrives, followed by Graham, Justin, Erica, Vienna, and Ames Brown, also from Ashley’s season.  Gia is next to arrive. She tells Chris she hopes Vienna’s not in there – she hooked up with Wes.  There’s tension to spare when Gia and Vienna come face-to-face.

Kasey gets out of the next limo. He shows Chris his tattoo and talks about being wary of Jake being there. Inside, he greets Vienna. Justin, who was his rival on The Bachelorette, is already plotting against him. Gia and Justin agree that couples have to be broken up.  Jackie Gordon arrives, much to Michelle’s chagrin. Alli Travis, from Brad’s season enters, followed by Michael, who is well aware that Holly will be in residence.  Ella comes in, followed by Kirk DeWindt, from Ali’s season of The Bachelorette, and William Holman from Ashley’s recent season.

The last contestant to arrive is Jake, who tells Chris that he’s hoping to get closure with Vienna so they can both move on.  Chris thinks it will be interesting to see the reception he gets. Jake makes his way toward the door. On the other side of it, Vienna is busy telling everyone how terrified she is of Jake. He enters and Kasey begins acting protective. Jake introduces himself. Vienna is civil and Kasey says it’s cold out there. Vienna rubs her forehead dramatically. Jake sits down to talk with Gia, who urges him to make peace with Kasey, who can act stupid when he’s drunk.

Jake asks to speak with Kasey. He tells him he’s happy for him and Vienna. Kasey tells Jake he won’t judge him, but his girlfriend is hurting and has told him things – whether they are true or not – he’s heard them. Jake appreciates that Kasey has to stand up for her. They shake hands. Kasey tells the cameras he will see Jake eliminated tomorrow.

Chris Harrison advises the 18 contestants to pair up in couples – they’ll compete tomorrow in the first challenge.  Jackie and Ames make a love connection on the first night. They decide not to partner up for the challenge because everyone goes after the couples.

The next day, the contestants walk outside to see nine beds lined up. Everyone gets with their partners.  Chris explains that the men will be suspended over the beds by harnesses on a pulley system and the girls will wrap themselves around their bodies. Whichever couple holds on the longest will win.

The pairs are: Jake and Jackie, Erica and Kirk, Vienna and Kasey, Blake and Melissa, Michael and Holly, Ames and Michelle, Graham and Alli, Justin and Ella, and Will and Gia.  Will lets Gia go and they are out first. Holly and Michael are next, followed by Graham and Alli, Kirk and Erica, Michelle and Ames, and Ella and Justin.  It’s down to Vienna and Kasey versus Jake and Jackie.  When Kasey can no longer go on, Vienna drops and the win goes to Jake and Jackie.  Some are happy that Jake won because they want to break up power couple Vienna and Kasey.

Jackie and Jake each receive a rose and are safe from elimination. They will get to go on a date which they will learn more about when the date card comes.

Meanwhile, Vienna is reading Kasey the riot act for letting Jake get immunity. Kasey tells her to quit rubbing it in his face and gets so fed up he snaps at her to pack her bags. Vienna doesn’t seem to care about Kasey’s explanation that he couldn’t feel his legs or his pelvic area and had to let go. She keeps on bitching.  The next morning, she is still pissed off. She tells the camera that Kasey needs to realize he’s there for her, not for himself.  She sulks and carries on regardless of what Kasey says to her. Eventually, he gets her to submit to a hug.

The date card arrives. Gia, who is good friends with Jake, runs in with the card. Ames is a bit bummed out about Jackie’s date.  Jake and Jackie get a third rose to give out later.  Jake tells the camera that where the rose goes tonight could change the game.

Vienna and Kasey tell Michelle and Graham they are the final four. They discuss how to bring others into their alliance. Kasey proclaims that he is controlling the game.  The whispered conversations begin.  Justin agrees to be part of Kasey’s alliance, but isn’t sincere. He tells Alli that Graham is working her over.  Kasey decides that Justin is out.

Jake and Jackie go on their date to El Capitan Theatre. On the way they encounter a third grade girl who cries upon seeing Jake. He stops and speaks to her at length, which impresses Jackie.  On an outside balcony, they uncork some champagne, and Jackie asks about his break-up with Vienna. He says they lived a fairytale until the show started airing. He tells her that eventually he got a call that Vienna had sold their break-up story to a tabloid for many thousands of dollars. She left the ring and moved out, and he was crushed. Jackie buys it. Jake says he lashed out at Vienna on television because he was hurt, and tells Jackie he needs a final conversation with Vienna. She suggests that he give the third rose to Vienna as a peace offering. They realize that how powerful it is to have that rose.

Back at the house, Vienna is telling Michelle that Jake is a bad person who goes around pretending to be a good person.

Jackie and Jake return from their date and continue to strategize the next morning. Jackie is agonized over what to do with the rose. She can’t handle the responsibility and basically leaves it up to Jake.  Everyone seems to think Gia will get the rose because Jake would realize she may not be safe without it. Justin gets wind that Jake is considering giving Vienna the rose – he thinks it would be the biggest mistake in Bachelor Pad history.  Jake tells Gia what he’s thinking. She shakes her head and says it’s not smart. Jake tells the camera he wants Vienna to see that he’s not a bad guy. Gia tells him to get her out of his head – you don’t keep the enemy safe.

Jake and Jackie announce that they’re ready to make a decision. Jake feels it’s clear who the rose needs to go to. He offers it to Vienna, saying there are some very specific reasons. He asks to speak to Vienna and Kasey alone. Gia cries about Jake not keeping her safe and hurting her just so Vienna would think better of him.

Jake tells Vienna that he never thought he’d give her another rose. He says they fell in love, and the good times were great and the bad times were really bad, but it was a case of two wrong people trying to make a go of it. He apologizes for raising his voice to her on television. Vienna tells the cameras that his apology was torture and made her sick (makes one wonder: if it was that bad, why accept the rose?). She says he is a phony robot with no real feelings and walks off with Kasey.  Jake tells the camera that he feels good about the conversation. He feels like they have closure. Vienna and Kasey go to bed together. Vienna laughs at Jake giving her the rose. Kasey says that Jake is a master manipulator, but not as good as him. Gia complains that Vienna and Kasey are running the show.

Gia takes Kasey aside and confronts him about the alliance he’s pulled together. They agree not to vote each other out. Kasey, knowing she has some of the girls behind her, feels he’s playing it safe. He knows Vienna won’t like it, but doesn’t want to go home. Vienna approaches and wants to know what’s going on.  Kasey is not forthcoming.

At the cocktail party, Chris tells them it’s time. The ladies will vote one guy out, and the guys will vote one lady out. Jake, Jackie, and Vienna are safe.  Gia is unsure as to whether or not she is doing the right thing by trusting Kasey, calling him Vienna’s puppet.  Everyone seems to think Alli is untrustworthy and the guys are mostly in agreement to vote her out. She gets wind of this, and starts making the rounds to talk to people. She goes to Justin, who tells her that because of what she did yesterday, he will probably get voted out. Vienna works to convince the guys to vote Gia off, and tells the cameras that she and her team will vote out Justin.

Blake tells Jackie that after this rose ceremony, Vienna and Kasey will be untouchable. He thinks there is one way around it – that’s voting Kasey out. The swing vote is Gia. Jake works to convince her to vote Kasey out. Gia is reluctant since Kasey agreed to keep her safe while Jake gave Vienna the rose.

Chris Harrison assembles the group after voting is complete. Jackie and Jake are asked to come forward to present the roses.  They go to Ames, Erica, Blake, Holly, William, Michelle, Kirk, Ella, Michael, Melissa, Graham, Kasey, and Gia. Leaving Bachelor Pad immediately are Justin and Alli.  Justin doesn’t take it too well. He leaves with some nasty words to Kasey and snatches the rose from Jake Pavelka’s lapel! Alli goes more quietly, wiping away tears in the car.

Kasey tells the cameras that Jake must go next and he’ll see to it – he’s a Jedi genius master.

It was a long three hours tonight for those who feel Kasey and Vienna leave a lot to be desired as the popular kids – they managed to make former ‘villains’ Justin Rego and Michelle Money look downright appealing by comparison. Last season’s Bachelor Pad winner, Dave Good, thinks Vienna, Jake, and Kasey are psychotic. What do you think?

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5 Responses to “Bachelor Pad 2: Season Premiere”

  1. chance ashley wilson Says:
    August 8th, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    I feel disgusted. Why not call the “Bachelor Pad” as “modern orgy”??

  2. P. Burk Says:
    August 9th, 2011 at 10:00 am

    What a stupid show. These are evil people. Too much sexual tension. Vienna and Jake will get back together. Jake will only do this so he can prove he is better than kasey. I do not want to see Jake on any other TV show unless it is to kill him off.

  3. Robin Says:
    August 9th, 2011 at 10:05 am

    Gia did not date Wes CRAVEN.

  4. Donald Says:
    August 9th, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    Come meet Jake at the Infusion Lounge August 25th at Universal Studios CityWalk in Hollywood. Jake will be signing autographs, taking photos, come have a drink with Jake.

  5. TC Says:
    August 10th, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    Jake seems like a nice guy, Vienna seems like a gold-digging, selfish, fake, pathetic woman. My friends and I will NOT watch the Bachelor Pad until the scheming little skank is off the show. A great deal of people I have talked to all feel the same way.


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