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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Booze Equals Bad Service

August 08, 2011 06:50 PM by Lisa Princ

Hell’s Kitchen was back tonight on FOX after last week’s high school reunion disaster, with the teams ready to battle it out again. But, when one team member indulges in a little too much booze, it turns into a nightmare! Keep reading for all the highlights!

Hell’s Kitchen returned tonight after last week’s disaster, and the remaining chefs decided to get together for a post elimination booze fest. While most of the contestants were drinking in moderation, Krupa had one too many drinks and ended up making a complete fool of herself in front her peers. The next morning, while everyone was up bright and early, ready to go, Krupa could not get focused, but tried her hardest. Gordon Ramsay met the chefs for their next challenge.

In this challenge, Gordon Ramsay brought in two beer sommeliers to help aide in this challenge. Gordon Ramsay showed the chefs a table full of incredible ingredients and asked what each one would make. While they all had interesting and delicious sounding idea, the two guests told them that they would create beer, thus leading to their challenge: using different beers and stouts to create a unique dish.

Tommy decided that it was time to flirt with the ladies on Hell’s Kitchen, and for a while, we weren’t sure he would ever start cooking, but he did eventually, vowing to win the challenge as he “knew his beer.” After each contestant created their dish, Gordon Ramsay asked that the teams rate the plates from 1-5, and the red team was asked to leave out one dish since they had one more team member. The members of the red team decided to leave off Krupa’s rabbit concoction as they did not think it was any good.

Carrie had a fit when the red team placed her dish in 5th, even more so when the beer experts tried it and fell in love with her filet. Elise was up next and her dish also impressed, giving the red team a head start, but it didn’t last long as the blue team came right back with two points. With only two dishes left to taste, it was a battle of the duck. Both Jaime and Tommy created a duck dish with beer and stout, but it was Tommy’s dish that won over the ladies, giving the blue team another challenge win.

For their award, the blue team was going Indy car racing, and they were in awe as they watched the Hell’s Kitchen Indy car. The red team was stuck behind for the worst punishment ever – delivery day. Delivery day turned out to be a complete whine fest for Elise, who moaned and groaned the entire time as she refused to do much of anything. Finally, the other ladies had enough and Jennifer confronted Elise back in the dorm, but Elise continued to whine, proving exactly how much of a diva she really was. After a while, Elise just gave in and promised the girls that she would try to change.

When it was time for dinner service, Gordon Ramsay announced that he would have two beer and stout specials on the menu tonight, and both teams vowed to give their best service ever – but we all know how that goes. Dinner service was bad on both sides tonight, starting with Elise not draining the salads, and ending with Krupa messing up almost everything she touched tonight. Despite how poorly they did, the red team did manage to get their orders out without anyone getting kicked out of the kitchen.

The blue team, however, was not so lucky tonight on Hell’s Kitchen. Natalie struggled to get her scallops cooked properly, and after destroying most of them, she finally realized with the help of her team that she needed to raise the temperature. Jonathan didn’t fare much better as he could not seem to master the wellington tonight and he placed the blame on Tommy, who wrapped the beef wellington. Gordon Ramsay was having none of it though, as he kicked both Jonathan and Natalie out of the kitchen.

When it was time for the chopping block, Gordon Ramsay asked both teams to nominate two members up for elimination as he felt that neither team won. The red team nominated Jaime and Krupa, while the blue team nominated both Jonathan and Natalie, but in the end, Gordon Ramsay decided that it was Krupa’s time to go home and she was sent packing! Best of luck to Krupa, tune in tomorrow for another new episode!

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