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Masterchef Recap: King Salmon Reveals The Top Five

August 08, 2011 08:18 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week we watched as Derrick Prince‘s journey ended on Fox‘s Masterchef, and tonight a king salmon narrows the final six to five! Read on for all the details!

Masterchef returned tonight after last week’s double elimination, and tonight Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot announced that the top six would be running the kitchen in a restaurant tonight. Were we watching Masterchef or Hell’s Kitchen here? That’s right, the final six were broken down into 2 teams and would be cooking for the customers of Patina tonight, a Michelin star restaurant in California. Since Suzy and Tracy had the best dishes last week, they were awarded the team captains tonight. Tracy chose Jennifer and Adrien for her team, while Suzy chose Ben, and was given Christian by default. Christian was left fuming that he was the last one chosen, and he vowed to make sure that his team won.

For the challenge, the teams would have to recreate two of the restaurant’s top appetizers and main dishes, with only a quick lesson from the chef prior. Things started to heat up when Gordon Ramsay decided he would be executing the pass tonight, again leaving us feeling like we were watching Hell’s Kitchen and not Masterchef. Both teams got off to a slow start, but after almost 2 hours into dinner service, they both picked up and found their groove. The judges would be basing the win on the feedback from the customers as well as the owner and chef, who were also dining there tonight.

Both teams did fairly well, each with their own issues, but they managed to get all the meals out – they did better than the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen do! The owner and chef seemed to lean towards Suzy’s red team, and Gordon, Joe, and Graham agreed as they awarded the red team the win. That meant that Jennifer, Adrien and Tracy would be facing the pressure test tonight.

For their pressure tonight, the three chefs would be dealing with a king salmon. But, they would not only be cooking it – they would also be fileting the entire fish. The judges were looking for 10 perfect cuts, the least amount of waste and one perfectly cooked filet. Gordon Ramsay gave a demonstration which made it look like a piece of cake – but it proved to be nothing close for these three.

Jennifer seemed to have the easiest time scaling and fileting fish, while Tracy looked as though she was sawing through the fish. Adrien was nervous and could not seem to get the fish scaled properly, and then he butchered the poor filets. None of them seemed to be able to get the fish cooking on time, leaving the judges wondering if anyone could master the king salmon.

When it was time to judge their salmon, Jennifer did a good job fileting the fish, but her cooked fish was too rare. Adrien’s filets were not as precisely cut as Jennifer’s, and Graham Elliot did not like how overcooked his fish was. Gordon Ramsay was disgusted by the amount of waste that Tracy had, as she left the entire tail on the fish. Tracy’s salmon filet was also too rare inside for Gordon’s liking. The judges deliberated and then sent Jennifer back to safety, leaving Tracy and Adrien awaiting their fate. The judges then revealed that Tracy would be heading home this week, but before she left, they let her know that she would be getting free cooking classes on them, and once finished, she was welcome to come and work for either one of them!

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