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Eva Marcille And Derek J Dish On The New Season Of Hair Battle Spectacular

August 09, 2011 01:54 PM by Lisa Princ

If you missed the first season of Oxygen‘s Hair Battle Spectacular, you are in luck as the highly rated, fantasy hair competition is back for a second season! Not only is the show back, but stars Eva Marcille and Derek J dished in a recent press conference on some of the things we can expect to see on the new season! Read on for more!

Oxygen’s smash hit Hair Battle Spectacular is returning for a new season on Monday, August 15, 2011 at 10 pm EST. If you are anxiously awaiting season two, stars Eva Marcille and Derek J took some time today to dish about the show and the new season in a press conference. Eva Marcille, who won America’s Next Top Model, was alone for the first half of the conference, and was later joined by judge Derek J. Check it out below!

Question: Of all the episodes filmed, what was your most memorable?

Eva Marcille: One of my most memorable moments has to be episode where we had drag queens. You know, every week we used female models to display designs, but in this week
we were allowed to use men, and for me that was amazing.

Question: What do you think it is about the show that keeps viewers coming back?

Eva Marcille: I think it is the whole mystery and illusion of what goes on behind the scenes. We show what the models go through between hair, makeup and wardrobe. It’s about what it takes to create the designs.

Question: Beyond this, what is next for you?

Eva Marcille: The sky is the limit for me. I am currently acting and still modeling. For me it’s just more work, more work and more work.

Question: Do you feel like you can offer advice since you won a reality show?

Eva Marcille: I was offering advice as you will see as the season goes along. I won’t give away anything but competition is hard, it is not an easy thing. There are amazing stylists, but when it comes
to having to compete, with allotted time and 10 other amazing people, it makes for a crazy situation. I know what that is like having to put your best foot forward when it gets crazy.

Question: What made you want to join the show?

Eva Marcille: I think pop culture has definitely taken on fantasy hair. If you look at Lady Gaga for instance, that’s what we play off off, what’s not simple. Fantasy hair is something you don’t see on a regular basis, but you want to learn about. It’s great to see all the creative minds together, and it’s such an amazing project that was a joy for me.

Question: What do this season’s contestants need to do to stand out?

Eva Marcille: After last season, what I can say is that everyone who participated had to have watched the first season. Because the talent, my gosh, they set the bar so high. They saw what happened last season, realized that Derek J is not playing, took all the notes he gave, and incorporated them.

Question: Derek, what are the rules for how much of the design needs to be real hair?

Derek J: Fantasy hair, most of the time, the hair is extensions. They have to use regular hair to incorporate to it to make one cohesive piece, but there is no amount.

Question: Which region do you each think has better hair designers?

Eva Marcille: I am going to answer this first, as Derek had the correct answer [chuckles]. I would say that the Midwest and South are well groomed and detailed. I feel like fantasy hair got it’s start in your mom and pop beauty shops. They began taking a regular style and making it stand out. It’s been going on for ages and the Midwest and South have been perfecting it.

Derek J: Definitely from the Midwest, but of course I from the Midwest [laughs]. They actually wear their hair like that to work. In Georgia, (where I am now) women don’t wear their hair like that, where in the Midwest, they are doing that daily and are able to create that on a daily basis.

Question: Eva, as a model, what is the most outrageous hair design you have posed in?

Eva Marcille: Actually I did a shoot for Vibe Magazine recently. I had a lace front ponytail…a huge ponytail and fishtail braid. I mean my hair had to weigh at least 15 lbs, it was definitely outrageous. I now have a lot more respect for hair models.

Question: Who do you think this show is for? What type of audience tunes in?

Eva Marcille: This show is for everyone, it’s a boatload of fun. You will see it walking all over in the Midwest. I’ve seen women from the Midwest with zippers in their hair, or people with things in their hair that would light up. We are bringing it to their cities – what they don’t already have. We are allowing people to travel in time and across the world while they sit home.

Derek J: It is for everybody, and it’s just a fun, fun, show at the end of the day. Even if you’re not a fan of fantasy hair, it’s just seeing creativity that can relate to everyone. Anyone who tunes in will love the show.

Remember to tune in to Oxygen on 8/15, at 10 pm EST for the brand new season of Hair Battle Spectacular!

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