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Hell’s Kitchen: Krupa Patel Chats About The Drama!

August 09, 2011 11:14 AM by Lisa Princ

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX we watched as Krupa Patel had one too many drinks and could not master the veal during service, leading to her elimination. In a post elimination interview, Krupa Patel shared her thoughts about the show, and all the drama! Read on for more!

Hell’s Kitchen’s said goodbye to Krupa Patel last night, but no need to worry – Krupa is doing very well after her elimination. Krupa Patel sat down to chat with us today about her experience on the show and the drama! Here is what she wanted to share with us and her fans:

RTVM: What went wrong last night?

Krupa Patel: The veal was not my friend last night. It totally did me in. It was just one after another coming out wrong. After one problem, it was more problems, and just snowballed from there.

RTVM: Do you feel that you should have been eliminated? I mean, we did watch two blue team members get kicked out of the kitchen…

Krupa Patel: I don’t think I should have gone home. I did so good in previous challenges, this night just did not go so well for me. I am not sure who should have been sent home, but it should not have been me.

RTVM: What was it like trying work through all that drama?

Krupa Patel: The drama made it very hard. You know, we’re stuck there, in this place with all these different people, and you have to try and get along. And all the drama with Elise – and Carrie, she was another one, made it impossible to work effectively. That was exactly why we all confronted Elise, because when one person would confront her, she would get defensive. I mean, she still got defensive, but we told her that she and Carrie needed to work their stuff out.

RTVM: Every time we see the red team lose challenges, we see Elise trying to get out of all the hard labor. Is she really like that or is it exaggerated for television?

Krupa Patel: No, she is really like that. She tries to get out of all the hard jobs and just goes for the smaller stuff. Last night’s was horrible and probably the worst punishment to date. I mean, it was tough for any of us to carry those huge kegs, we had to carry ice and jars of supplies as well. Elise would do the bare minimum and that was it.

RTVM: What was your most memorable moment on Hell’s Kitchen?

Krupa Patel: There are a few, but I would have to say the first service when Chino and I kicked butt, and when I had to take over Elise’s risotto.

RTVM: If you could do one thing over, what would it be and why?

Krupa Patel: If I could do one thing over, it would have been my signature dish. I am not sure if it was from being tired, as we were running around that day with hair, makeup, etc. I was off my game and my dish did not turn out the way I had hoped. I would have gone with my second choice of my chicken dish.

RTVM: What is next for you?

Krupa Patel: I am currently working doing private chef jobs. I am also speaking with someone about a possible business venture into a franchise with seafood, in which I may be partnering up on. I am very busy with small catering as well. My fans can keep up with me on Facebook.

RTVM: Do you keep in touch with any of the contestants?

Krupa Patel: I still speak to everyone, from both teams. I have spoken once to Elise and Carrie, which suits me just fine, but I keep in touch with everyone. We have all become good friends.

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