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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: No One Gets Kicked Out Tonight!

August 09, 2011 06:12 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen we watched as Krupa Patel‘s dream ended. Tonight on another brand new episode, the remaining ten chefs will duke it out once again, for Wolfgang Puck! But, the question remains – who will infuriate Gordon Ramsay tonight? Read on to find out!

Hell’s Kitchen kicked off tonight as the remaining ten chefs were still waiting at the chopping block fresh off the elimination from last night. Before they were allowed back to the dorm, Gordon Ramsay asked that they all come up with one team member to be the leader of their team. The blue team chose Will, while the red team struggled with their decision. A few of the girls nominated Jennifer, who seemed like a good leader, but Carrie objected thinking she would make a good leader.

When the teams met Gordon Ramsay, he not only asked who they had chosen, and then asked who the weakest leaders on their teams were. The blue team said Tommy, while the red team said Carrie, and in typical Hell’s Kitchen style, Gordon Ramsay gave the team captain positions to Carrie and Tommy. For their challenge, the teams would have to follow the leadership of the team captains and recreate five American comfort food classics.

But, that was not the only surprise that Gordon Ramsay had in store for the teams, as he also announced he had a special guest judge: Wolfgang Puck! The red team had issues with Carrie’s leadership, and Elise had a big problem taking orders from Carrie, nor did she want Carrie cooking a pizza, as she wanted that one for herself. Carrie ended up too busy worrying about everyone else was doing, that she forgot to put her pizza in the oven. Meanwhile, in the blue kitchen, Jonathon had an issue with the pizza that Tommy wanted him to make, but he did it anyway.

When it was time for Wolfgang Puck to taste and judge the dishes, the girls kicked off to a good start with Jaime’s burger, although Wolfgang thought it was a little dry for his taste, Tommy’s was bland and boring. The salads were up next, and Elizabeth’s looked like one that came straight from a bag, while Natalie put a salmon spin on her Cobb salad, which impressed Wolfgang and earned the blue team a point. Jennifer also impressed with her chicken noodle soup for the red team, while neither Elise nor Paul’s spaghetti won a point as they were both horrible.

Then it was time for the battle of the pizzas. Wolfgang knew right off the bat that Carrie’s was raw, and he crumbled it into a ball and gave it back to her! But, nothing shocked Wolfgang Puck or Gordon Ramsay more than Jonathon’s awful truffle oil and honey mess of a pizza. In the end, the red team won the challenge and a trip to a comedy club, while the blue team was stuck behind cleaning. But, not all of the contestants did the work on the blue team as Jonathon claimed to have a sore neck and went off somewhere to doze off.

Jonathon showed back up with only an hour until dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen, and the blue team was disastrous tonight. Natalie and Jonathon could not communicate to work together at all, and Gordon Ramsay was about to kick them out again, but he didn’t. He did finally call Jonathon in the back to find out what was wrong and Jonathon told Chef Ramsay about his neck, but Gordon Ramsay convinced him not to quit. Meanwhile, on the red side of things, the kitchen was running smoothly as they had their best service ever, led by Elise.

The blue kitchen continued to go downhill though as Tommy struggled with his meat and became careless. With Natalie and Jonathon working together, they finally managed to get out all the meals – without a single person being kicked out tonight! The blue team did have the worst service though, and Gordon Ramsay asked for 2 nominations for elimination. The blue team chose to nominate both Natalie and Jonathon as the pair were the reason the team was backed up all night. Gordon Ramsay decided that it was time for Jonathon to say goodbye!

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