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Masterchef Recap: The Final Four Revealed!

August 09, 2011 07:19 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night we watched as a king salmon ended Tracy’s journey on Fox‘s Masterchef. Tonight, one more journey will come to an end as the final four are revealed after a special Gordon Ramsay challenge! Read on for the highlights!

Masterchef kicked off tonight as the top five were given yet another mystery box challenge, which disappointed the contestants as they opened up the boxes to reveal ground meats. With ground beef, ground veal and ground pork, the contestants also had an array of fresh vegetables, spices and seasonings. This one had the contestants stumped as what to make with the ground meats, and had most of them worried that they could not make it gourmet enough.

Jennifer decided to go with a meatloaf, while both Suzy and Ben decided on Shepherd’s pie, which we all know is something that Gordon Ramsay eats a lot. Christian was bold and decided on chili, which worried Gordon Ramsay and the other judges. Adrien took a creative route and chose to make 3 different types of meatballs, all with their own unique sauce. When it was time to taste the dishes, the first dish called up was Jennifer’s meat loaf, and Joe Bastianich thought the vegetables were undercooked, but that it was tasty. Gordon Ramsay thought it was delicious and Graham Elliot was in love, but when isn’t he?

The next dish chosen for tasting was Adrien, for good cause as his dish looked delicious. His meatball trio sat on a plate of three different sauces and Graham started the tasting by telling Adrien that his dish was “screaming for a giant glass of water,” as it was too salty. Joe Bastianich compared it to a fake painting, and Gordon Ramsay did not even try it. The third dish and final dish tasted was Ben’s Shepherd’s pie – we knew Gordon would have to taste at least one of those! Gordon loved it, while Joe Bastianich told Ben this may be the day he wins a challenge!

The judges deliberated for a bit on this one, and we knew Adrien did not have a chance, so it was between Ben and Jennifer. Gordon Ramsay then announced that Ben Starr finally won his first mystery box. For his advantage, Ben was given the choice of which one of Gordon Ramsay’s signature dishes he wanted to cook. After being shown three of Gordon Ramsay’s dishes, Ben chose a Venison tenderloin dish with red cabbage. Ben also got to ask Gordon Ramsay three questions about the dish, but he blew the first one asking about the “beets” that were actually cabbage, guess it was better that he asked though.

After getting a few more tips, Ben revealed his choice to the other four contestants, who all had a chance to come up and taste the dish, using only that sense to try and recreate it. When the chefs were done, Gordon Ramsay asked who was confident in their dish, and the only one to raise his hand was Christian – not surprising. Suzy was up first with her dish, and the judges thought it was almost perfect, she did a wonderful job. Christian was up next and despite his confidence, his dish was not as good as he thought, and Gordon said it was over seasoned.

Ben Starr was up next and he had all the advantages, but did he use them? His dish was no where near what Gordon Ramsay’s was as it ended up very overcooked. Gordon Ramsay said he could cry over how bad Ben’s rendition was. Jennifer was the third one up and she disappointed Gordon Ramsay as well as her tenderloin was overcooked and her cabbage was not great. Adrien apologized in advance for his disaster on a plate, and Gordon Ramsay called it “embarrassing.”

Next up on Masterchef, Gordon Ramsay announced that Suzy was the first one into the final four. The remaining four were all called up to the stage and Gordon Ramsay announced that Christian and Jennifer were also both safe. As Ben and Adrien stood there, Gordon announced that Ben Starr was heading home this week, putting Adrien into the final four. Best of luck to Ben Starr, we will miss you!

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2 Responses to “Masterchef Recap: The Final Four Revealed!”

  1. koopa Says:
    August 9th, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    omg i was so sad to see ben go he was my favourite.. i really dislike christian i hope he goes home and i find suzy annoying.. the other two meh.. but why send ben home??? he didnt do thaat bad… :( i thought gordon was making a big mistake it shouldve been adrien

  2. mkeller819 Says:
    August 10th, 2011 at 6:21 am

    I will miss Ben. He was by far my favorite from the beginning. Now that he’s gone, I couldn’t care less who wins, as long as it’s not Christian!


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