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Natalie Getz Talks About The Bachelor Pad Bomb Of Drama Upon Us

August 09, 2011 05:06 AM by Christine McDow

The last season of the Bachelor Pad was crazy, sure, but ABC is about to shake up our world up with the latest Bachelor Pad cast. Natalie Getz, winner of last season’s antics, sat down to tell us what she thinks of Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi, and the other cast offs gracing ABC’s seven o’clock time slot.

What’s New With Season Two?

After watching the promo for Bachelor Pad season two and last night’s premiere episode, you may have noticed some differences from season one’s scenario.

“On our season we all had such strong friendships and relationships that we built before the show,” says Natalie. The pad’s second go around seems to be all about forming alliances to get this or that. “There’s so much manipulation going on.”

And let’s not be quick to dismiss ABC in the blame for all the tears in season 2. “Putting Jake and Vienna and Kasey on [the show together] is insane,” says Natalie. “I give props to the producers,” she adds laughing.

See what Natalie’s partner in crime, David Good, thinks about Jake and Vienna on season two of The Bachelor Pad

Other potential hook ups in Natalie’s radar are Michelle and Graham. She worries about Blake, William and Ames as the newbies because they haven’t had the chance to build relationships like the others may already have. However she thinks William will do really well. “The kid is hilarious. And Ames is just such a smart person and so intriguing that people are going to want to sit down and listen to him talk about his life and what he’s done.”

“I think that Graham and Michelle Money are going to be very compatible [this season],” says Natalie. Despite being criticized for her spider-like ways, Natalie defends her friend Michelle (who stays with her on a regular basis) saying she is the most sweet, wholesome single mom. “She doesn’t have anything crazy about her.”

Watch the entire video interview!

Natalie’s bet is on Michael Stagliano to take home the money this season. As for Jake and Justin, “I think they’ll get the boot very early on.” She’s also a little worried about Kasey and Vienna because they’re going into the house as a strong couple already.

Eighteen Peas In The Pad

After watching season one, it may seem like Bachelor Pad is another term for ‘party time 24/7′. “It is,” Natalie confirms. “When I look at myself on camera in front of millions of viewers, I look gaunt and tired. But I didn’t want to risk the experience for sleep’s sake.”

“What is it like to be living with that many people, especially when it comes to hooking up?”

“You have to be very sneaky about it. And by that, I mean it’s impossible. You will get caught by the camera crew. The only way you cannot be on camera is if you are in the bathroom, going to the bathroom.”

“So…people sneak in the bathroom a lot?”

“I remember a time when Elizabeth and Kovaks snuck away. All of a sudden Kovaks came out and said Elizabeth is in the bathroom crying. She was humiliated that she tried to sneak off with her boyfriend and got busted on camera,” Natalie recalls.

The cast tried to retaliate in little ways by messing with the crew and rearranging the fruit to make it look inappropriate. Despite feeling claustrophobic with the cameras, Natalie would do it again in a heartbeat.

“I had so much fun. I get to share a room with all these beautiful guys, sign me up,” Natalie recalls her thoughts on joining the cast. “…but there were a lot of girls who couldn’t handle it because they didn’t want to wake up with stinky breath or without make up on.”

Natalie however was in it to win it. She and David won the money that helped her pay off most of her college debt. She also invested and paid off her car. Her advice? “Be friends with everyone!” We will see if the cast mates of Bachelor Pad 2 can swing that one.

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