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Natalie Getz View Of Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi’s Bermuda Love Triangle On Bachelor Pad 2

August 09, 2011 07:57 AM by Christine McDow

As you read in our earlier interview excerpt with Natalie Getz, the season on Bachelor Pad winner has some very strong opinions on Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi’s relationship (or lack there of), and her new romance with Kasey Kahl who promised over and over again in last night’s Bachelor Pad 2 premiere to “protect” his girlfriend. We got Natalie Getz to open up to us a little more regarding that crazy love triangle. Keep reading to see what she had to say and read this article to see what David Good thinks of Vienna and Jake!

“I know that they [Jake and Vienna] hated each other, verbally despised each other, going on to the show. Kasey and Vienna we’re both really upset when they caught rumor that Jake was going to be on the show. What I can only assume is that they’re going to force them to talk it out.”

Do you believe Jake Pavelka’s apology to Vienna Girardi?

We also couldn’t help noticing that Vienna and Kasey, supposedly in love, bad mouth each other. “When I am around Kasey and Vienna, whether behind closed doors or on camera, they’re very much in love. So I was actually shocked to hear Kasey say, ‘Vienna is the biggest fame whore that I know.’” Hm, where have we heard that before?

“If Vienna had to choose between money and love, what do you think she would choose?” Whitney asks Natalie. After a deep breath and pause, she admits she thinks Vienna would link arms with the money and ride into the sunset. Okay, she didn’t exactly say it like that.

Watch the entire video interview!

“I only say that because if you’re not engaged, or in a relationship along those lines, why would you not?” She adds, “Unless you’re totally in love but to me, after watching the teaser, it doesn’t seem like they have that quite yet.”

Natalie defends her, kind of, saying she wouldn’t necessarily call her a fame whore. “I think she got a little taste of it and it was exciting for her. I think she’s a controversial character and she sees that as ‘if I can parlay off of this into something else, then why not?’”

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