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Teresa Giudice Explains It All: Real Housewife of New Jersey Talks Latest Family Drama

August 09, 2011 07:57 PM by Martha Zaborowski

On this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice’s  new castmates (and  family members) include her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga and cousin Kathy Wakile, with whom she has both been feuding. In the court of public opinion, Teresa has been clearly been winning the battle of Gorgas vs. Giudices this season. That is until the Christmas Eve episodes. Basically, Teresa acted like a brat about her brother bailing on her holiday party early to join their cousin Kathy for the holidays.   What led to this behavior?  Keep reading and we will tell you!

She apparently has since carried that grudge while hosting a playmate with sister-in-law Melissa and their daughters. Tre proclaims that Kathy started baking because of her cookbooks, pretends to not know that its Melissa calling her with caller ID, professes shock to learn that Melissa sings, expresses distaste in the idea of vacationing with Melissa and Kathy after Melissa extends an invitation, and claims that Kathy’s husband Richie is obsessed with her. Wow. After Housewife superfan and Watch What Happens Live guest, Jerry O’Connell, calls out Teresa on her atrocious behavior, she had this to say in her weekly blog:

When I found out that Melissa and Kathy, my family, were joining the show this year, I’ll be honest, that made it hard for me to trust them at first…So yes, at the beginning of the season, I was trying to figure out why they joined. It slowly became clear, and you see my reaction as I discover it. If you remember, they came out of the gate insulting me, hanging around people that insulted me, and I felt betrayed. I think if you were in my shoes, you would feel the same.

When explaining her reaction to Melissa’s singing career, she says:

I’ve known her for six years, and I swear to you, I have never ever heard her sing. So this was a shock to me. Imagine if someone you’d known for a long time, who lived five minutes from you, came up to you and out of the blue said, “I’m going to join the NBA.” And you’ve never seen this person even hold a basketball. Ever. You might be shocked…To me, the fact that Melissa wouldn’t sing (or even hum) for us just sort of proved to me that it wasn’t so much childhood dream as get-rich-quick scheme.

When it comes to Richie being obsessed with her, Teresa clarifies:

For the record, I never thought Richie wanted me (wait a moment while I vomit a little here)…sexually. I said “obsessed” to Melissa meaning that he has always made it his mission whenever he sees me for almost twenty years now to pick on me and make mean jokes at my expense.

About her cousin Kathy’s baking:

One more note about Kathy — I wasn’t suggesting that me writing cookbooks inspired Kathy to suddenly start baking. She’s always baked for her family. I think my cookbooks’ success inspired her to try and make baking into a business. The final puzzle piece for me on why Kathy would join the show: her get-rich-quick scheme was going to be a baking business.

All in all, Teresa maintains “The Real Housewives has become my ‘job,’ and I’m very thankful for the blessings that came with it and the opportunities I’ve had because of it. But that’s not why I signed up, and I’d trade them all in a heartbeat if I could make my family whole again.”

What do you think of Teresa at this point in the season? Has your opinion changed over her, Melissa, or Kathy?

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One Response to “Teresa Giudice Explains It All: Real Housewife of New Jersey Talks Latest Family Drama”

  1. Carmela Sciglitano Says:
    August 10th, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    Teresa is right. If any of us were in her shoes we would be angry at our family. Kathy and Melissa saw the success that Teresa had with her cookbook and wanted a piece of the action. Melissa knew if she agreed to trash Teresa on the show that Bravo will give her an opportunity to have a singing career.


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