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Big Brother Recap: Veterans Fight For The Veto

August 10, 2011 07:28 PM by Megan Thompson

The veterans are fighting for the veto on tonight’s episode of Big Brother! Will Jeff or Rachel be able to take themselves off the block? Plus, see how Rachel is managing in the house without her boy toy Brendon! Keep reading for all the details and learn if Kalia’s plan to send Jeff packing is still in place.

After the nomination ceremony Rachel is convinced that Kalia is just being Daniele’s puppet.  Rachel starts to lash out at Daniele.  Shelly runs after Rachel to try to talk her down and convince her to stay classy in the game.  But Rachel heads to her room and starts to pack her bags, threatening to leave the show.  Then the crying begins and Rachel sobs, “I can’t do it without Brendon!”  Jordan realizes that since Brendon is gone, she is now in charge of taking care of Rachel’s rants. 

While Kalia and Daniele have a pow-wow in the HOH room, Jeff talks to the other contestants about picking a side.  Kalia starts balling because Jeff really rattled her when he told her he was coming after her.  The stress of HOH is too much for Kalia to handle. 

It’s now time to pick players for the veto competition! Jeff, Rachel, and the HOH are definitely playing. The other players picked are Adam, Shelly, and Jordan.  Shelly tries to talk to Jeff and Jordan, but Jordan questions if she is with them.  Jeff has to run after Shelly to try to mend their relationship. 

The contestants head to the back yard and it looks like Cesar’s Palace.  It’s going to be a long competition – since the object of the game is to roll a ball from one side, go to the other side catch it and roll it back.  Seems easy enough, unless you have to do it 300 times! If the competitor drops the ball the points are reset to zero.  Rachel and Jeff are determined to win this veto.  Shelly is playing hard to win the veto, because she said she would use it to take Jeff off the block.  Adam is in the lead, but Jeff is close behind.  Shelly drops the ball when she was almost at 100, so her score resets to zero.  Kalia is trying to get back in Jeff and Jordan’s good graces by not trying to win the competition and cheering on Jeff!  Kalia’s actions piss off Daniele!  Adam and Jeff are tied at 291, when Jeff starts to pull ahead by three.  Jeff pulls it out in the end and wins the power of veto!

Kalia is happy that Rachel lost the competition, since she is the target this week.  Both Jeff and Jordan head to the HOH room to talk with Kalia.  Kalia tries to make nice with Jeff, but he isn’t having any of it.  By not putting up Jordan as a replacement nominee, Kalia hopes this will prove to them she wants to play nice. 

Now it’s Rachel’s turn in the HOH room.  Rachel is trying to convince Kalia to put someone on the block that she can beat.  In return, Rachel would not come after Kalia.  Nervous about the twist, where the evicted houseguest has the chance to come back in the house, Kalia considers keeping Rachel.  Of course, Kalia runs to Daniele to discuss keeping Rachel.  Daniele leaves the HOH room frustrated with Kalia, because she disagrees with Kalia’s plan.   

While lying around the HOH room with Daniele, Porsche and Kalia – Lawon throws out that he would be okay with being evicted! What?!?! Yes, Lawon thinks that if he is evicted and comes back – he might have an advantage.  Yes, he actually said that he wants to be evicted!  Danielle and Kalia think this is a great plan. If Lawon leaves and comes back to the house – he isn’t mad! Plus, Kalia thinks this will take the giant target off of her. 

At the nomination ceremony, Jeff takes himself off the block.  Now Kalia must reveal her replacement nominee and it’s Lawon!  In the diary room Jeff reveals that he might forgive, but he doesn’t forget!  Jeff still plans to go after Kalia. Lawon thinks he knows the twist and somehow believes he will come back to the game with “super powers”. 

Tune in Sunday to find out who walks out the door and which houseguest returns!  My guess is Brendon will walk through the doors.  Who do you think is coming back in the house?  Let us know what you think about Lawon’s eviction plan, comment below!

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