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Love In The Wild Recap: Final Three Couples

August 10, 2011 08:44 PM by Megan Thompson

After last week’s surprising couple’s choice ceremony, there are only three couple’s left in tonight’s episode of Love In The Wild. Keep reading to find out which couples will make it to the final challenge!

The Adventure Begins:

It’s out of the jungle and onto the beaches of Costa Rica.  The couple’s need to collect five bags of coins then head to town to find a secret phrase, and finally head to the finish line. The host lets the teams know that there will be a twist at the couple’s choice ceremony, but two people will still be eliminated. 

The race begins and the couple’s hit the water to swim to the boat. Poor Miles can’t swim, so he is wearing a life vest!  Samantha and Mike take an early lead with Skip and Theresa close behind.  Since Miles is out of his comfort zone, Heather has to take the lead in this competition.  Mike falls off the surf board on the way back to shore, letting Skip and Theresa coast into first. 

Skip and Theresa reach the pier first and collect the fourth set of coins.  Now the couples is off and running through the jungle.  About halfway to the last set of coins Theresa realizes she dropped a bag of coins along the way.  Skip and Theresa are forced to walk back and search for the missing bag of coins. Due to the lost bag of coins, Mike and Samantha move into first place and Heather and Mike are now in second place. 

The teams now head to the swamp to retrieve the fifth bag of coins.  Both teams quickly retrieve the last bag of coins.  Now both teams head into town to try to find the person who will give them the password. Both teams are very close, but Mike and Samantha obtain the password first.  It’s now a race to the finish line!  In first place and winners of a night away at the Oasis are Samantha and Mike.   Heather and Miles finish in second place, which leaves Skip and Theresa in last place. 

After The Adventure:

It’s another night away for Mike and Samantha at the Oasis.  They toast to their relationship and talk about continuing their love story off the show.  The next day they head to the reward challenge, which is a day of sailing.  Back at the cabins, Skip and Theresa hang out in the hammock. 

Couple’s Choice Ceremony:

The host announces that the two couples that know each other best will move onto the final competition.  It’s like a game of newlyweds! The first question is where was the couple’s first kiss took place?  All the couples get the right answer.  The second question is when it comes to intimacy, who is more adventurous?  Only Miles and Heather get the answer correctly.  The next question is what has been the nicest thing your partner has done for you?  Only Mike and Samantha get it right!  Mike and Samantha know each other best and are headed to the final competition.  Miles and Heather are only one point away from being the second couple to compete in the final adventure.  Miles and Heather win it when they agree that Miles likes Heather’s butt the best out of all her body parts!

Skip and Theresa have found love, but they now must leave the jungle.  They do plan on making the relationship work off the show. 

Who do you think will win in the final adventure?  Let us know your opinion, comment below!  

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